Preview of WebVisions ’09

If you already have your WebVisions conference pass it’s time to start planning which panels to attend. If you don’t have your pass yet, it’s time to pop for a pass–it might be the best $250 you spend this month.
Here’s what I’m looking at this morning–11 days out from the start of the conference:

  • Companies and Communities: Participating without Being Sleazy
    Speaker: Dawn Foster
    Online communities are all the rage in today’s talk of Web 2.0, social media, new media, and other buzzwords. However, despite the hype, communities should not be dismissed as a fad. Online community engagement is a critical part of any company’s strategy.
  • Carpe Futurum: Building Communities Without the Blueprints
    Speakers: Brad Smith, Ryan Sims
    Online communities have been shifting and evolving since the dial tone squeal of the first modems. As we’ve seen before, it’s impossible to predict when and where the next shift(s) will happen. Therefore, what will the future of social bring? Will we see one monolithic community rise, then fall, when another takes it place? Will people flock to smaller, niche sites that better fit their personalities? When there is no blueprint, where do you begin?
  • Designing Blogs/Blogging Design
    Speaker: Armin Vit
    A look at the intimate relationship between blogging and designing and between blogs and design. Today, you have everyone from architects, to chefs, to politicians, to pop starlets filling blogs with the areas of their expertise but, to varying degrees, most of them are removed from the process of designing or developing a blog of their own — graphic and web designers, on the other hand, have a more symbiotic relationship with this medium that they employ to talk about design.
  • Graphic Storytelling in New Media
    Speaker: Tyler Sticka
    There’s a reason Google tapped the talents of Understanding Comics author Scott McCloud to introduce their innovative browser to the world; comics possess the graphic clarity, visual language and universal appeal necessary to communicate complex stories, ideas and emotions to the largest audience possible.
  • Makin’ Whuffie: Why You Should Raise Social Capital in Online Communities
    Speaker: Tara Hunt
    People see the huge business potential of the online world and the first impulse is: let’s throw a bunch of money at it. To which Tara Hunt says: “Stop! Money isn’t the capital of choice in online communities, it is Whuffie–social capital, how to raise it is the heart of this workshop.”
  • Measuring Meaning in Social Media
    Speakers: Jason Burby, Ryan Turner
    Both brand perception and shopping have always had social contexts. The opinions of friends, family, neighbors and communities have always influenced our relationships with businesses, services and products. Traditional analytics has been a powerful tool for measuring the downstream effects of word of mouth, peer-to-peer support and viral distribution of content. But something’s changed…
  • Subject to Change: Creating Great Products and Services for an Uncertain World
    Speaker: David Verba
    In a world of endless consumer choice and expectations based on iPhones, it’s increasingly clear that the customer’s experience matters. In fact, the experience itself has become the product.



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