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Record Turnout On Tuesday Fueled By Hope And Coffee

According to CNN, 127 million Americans voted in this fall’s election. That’s 61 percent of eligible voters, compared to 67 percent in 1960.

Fear Not This Word: Commitment

On Slide 22, Paul Isakson says “Committing = building your brand on principles that never change.” It’s a wonderfully conservative notion for an unusually progressive brand. For instance, Patagonia achieves this.

Blogs Become News Sites. News Sites Become Blogs.

Adoption by the mainstream is the natural state of affairs for edge trends that gain traction. It can be a sad affair or a celebration, depending on one’s point of view. Nicholas Carr, a serious writer and editor with a blog, makes some astute observations about the state of blogging as we head toward 2009. […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Sonic Branding by Rumblefish

Portland’s Rumblefish is a unique agency, to say the least. They specialize in sonic branding. What’s sonic branding? For Pabst Brewing, Rumblefish produced PBR-branded CDs and 7″ vinyl records and gave copies to the bands–no strings attached–to distribute to their fans. Bands were so enthusiastic about the project, many threw CD release parties on their […]

My Migration Strategy: Search Friendly, Multimedia Content

Bob Hoffman of Hoffman/Lewis and I had breakfast this morning in downtown Portland. One of the things Bob said that really resonates with me is: “There’s money to be made in the cracks.” So true. Last Wednesday, I had lunch on NW 23rd with another agency principal, Kent J. Lewis of Anvil Media. I don’t […]

Don’t Advertise, Connect.

Mailing lists are not sexy, but they can be highly effective tools for reaching one’s core audience. Take this simple email newsletter from Trumpet in New Orleans that comes to my inbox once a month: It’s a nice newsletter, but there has to be something on the other side of my click for it to […]

Today In Twitterverse: Humanizing The Brand By Allowing People An Inside View

John Byrne, Editor-in-Chief, calls himself a “Digital Journalism Advocate.” One thing that’s clear is his belief in transparency. If you’ve ever tried to explain how Twitter can help build interest in one’s company, you know it can be tricky to convey. Byrne’s example is a good place to send someone. By letting us in […]

Red Lobster’s Quality Play: From Fried to Wood-Fired

When foot traffic is the lifeblood of your business, as it is for any brand in the retail space, you have to keep investing in new creative, quarter after quarter. Darden, of course, knows all about it.