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More Free Media

Slacker Uprising, the new film by Michael Moore, is available for free download starting today. DVDs are also available for $9.95. Such releases are more common in the music industry, where artists like Radiohead and Trent Reznor have experimented with alternative release and pricing schemes. “This is being done entirely as a gift to my […]

This Blood’s For You

Here’s an ad for a fictitious product being used to sell a very real TV show on HBO. The marketing team supporting TRUE BLOOD, HBO’s new television series, asked …And Company for a campaign that leveraged the fictional beverage, TRU BLOOD. The agency designed and executed a sequence of print and out-of-home advertisements that promoted […]

Major League ROI

Ad Age is running an interesting article on, the popular gaming site created by Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. Wrigley is now selling the site to Funtank, a branded gaming and entertainment publisher. In my “Content is King” view, this is precisely what brands need to strive for today. Create media properties, not advertising. Then, […]

How Dumb Some Ads Must Look To Cash Poor Households

Ed Cotton of Butler Shine and Stern says it’s a challenging, but exciting time to solve marketing problems. Brands needs to understand that the world has changed and the hopes and dreams they promised to consumers might ring rather hollow today. Brands need to get practical. They need to be smarter. They need to get […]

Digging Through The Archives

Good Thing It’s Not Called Blue Roof Inn

After Red Roof Inn was sold last year to a private equity group, the new management team wanted to break out of TV advertising, in favor of a more integrated approach. They found it in a celebrity endorsement deal with country artists Phil Vassar and the group Little Big Town, according to The New York […]

Financial Meltdown To Hit Online Ad Market

The financial mess we’re facing will have lots of consequences for the ad industry. BusinessWeek takes a look at a slowdown affecting one of the hotter sectors in the biz: online advertising. Even before the financial market malaise took a turn for the worse with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, Bank of America’s (BAC) purchase […]

Adlandia Is Populated By Bloggers

As you might have noted at one time or another, the AdPulp sidebar is full of links to other ad blogs. By contrast, The Daily (Ad) Biz is offering a sharply condensed A-list, which you might also find edifying and/or utilitarian. I like the selections he made, for sure, although if I made such a […]