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Unusual Retail Signage

Fairly Honest Bill’s is a used furniture place on MLK and Burnside in Portland. Bill wants to let you know where he’s coming from before you enter his environment.

Happy Advertising Week!

As you revel in the non-stop orgiastic celebration of our industry of puffery, please give a thought to those icons who’ve been left behind and will remain uncelebrated this week.

The NRA Weighs In

Bring The Goods. Get Paid. Period.

According to Ad Age, pay isn’t yet under pressure at the agency management level. But agencies might be tightening their hiring standards. “People are looking for mature, aggressive, in-command personalities,” Sharon Spielman, managing director at recruitment firm Jerry Fields Associates, said. “I think when the economy suffers, they’re more concerned about stability and experienced management […]

Union Square Ventures Gets Times Treatment

The New York Times ran a feature piece on Fred Wilson’s venture capital firm in yesterday’s edition. On his blog, Wilson says, “The last thing we needed was a puff piece saying we were the best VC out there or something. I’ve had that story written before and when it turned out not to be […]

Best Media Buy

Pandora is cashing in on the popularity of its iPhone application. Since it’s introduction last summer, Pandora has been the 3rd most popular download on the iPhone. Now Best Buy and Beck’s beer are purchasing exclusive rights to advertise on the new mobile platform: Best Buy for the next thirty days, and Beck’s for the […]

Oppenheimer Adjusts Its Package

Financial services companies spend a lot of money getting their “get rich with us” message out. In fact, it’s one of the largest industries served by Madison Avenue. All of which makes launching a new ad campaign in this tricky market a sleep depriving experience. According to The Wall Street Journal, Oppenheimer Funds is kicking […]

The Crisis Of Advertising

Bob Hoffman, CEO of Hoffman/Lewis and otherwise known as The Ad Contrarian, is taking a deeper look at the factors hampering the ad industry in a series of posts titled The Crisis of Advertising: Advertising pundits are right about one thing. The ad industry is a fucking disaster. They are wrong, however, about what is […]