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Are Ad Men As Hollow As The Fantasies They Create?

Alex Witchel, a staff writer for the New York Times Magazine spent some quality time with Matthew Weiner (pronounced WHY-ner). Weiner is creator, producer and head writer of “Mad Men,” the original series on AMC. The show begins its second season on July 27th. It’s a long article with lots of interesting detail, like the […]

Striking Green Poses

You can rate the ad above, and others like it at EnviroMedia’s Greenwashing Index.

How To Become Irrelevant Online

It’s kind of sad to see Associated Press limping weakly through its struggle to determine what “fair use” means to them. Or is it? Perhaps, it’s equally entertaining in a physical comedy sort of way. I suppose it depends on where you stand. Whether you belong to the old guard or new media? Saul Hansell […]

Do What The Client Says. Or Else.

According to The Financial Times, a Y&R subsidiary in Zimbabwe has been assisting the re-election campaign of Robert Mugabe. Below, an example ad courtesy of British political commentator Iain Dale. Now that the light has been shined on this batch of cockroaches, WPP is divesting itself of the Y&R subsidiary. I really like the “100%” […]

Rupe Belittles Facebook In Cannes

When your brand is number one, never acknowledge the runners up. This is a long-standing rule of marketing. But one that Rupe willfully broke at Cannes. According to Brian Morrissey of Adweek, Rupe dismissed the online service as little more than “a directory.” He said the attention lavished on Facebook is not in line with […]

The Newest Bullet Point In Every Client’s Creative Brief

So this graphic landed in my e-mail box today from Canon: Now, will there be an increase in shipping costs that negate the gas savings you’d have from not driving to Best Buy? I also saw some BMW commercials last night touting their energy efficiency. Something about the entire line of cars averaging 28 mpg. […]

A Purchase Is A Purchase

According to BusinessWeek, the type of purchases one makes with a credit card can determine one’s credit score. The FTC suit against Atlanta-based CompuCredit for allegedly “deceptive” marketing practices offers a rare look inside the opaque business of credit scoring. It reveals a mechanism that consumer advocates and politicians have long suspected exists—one in which […]

Barack Is Red, White and Blue

The ad above–Obama’s first of the general election–starts to air today in 18 states, including usual battlegrounds such as Florida, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and some traditionally Republican states where Obama hopes to make inroads, including Georgia, Montana, North Carolina, and Virginia. “America is a country of strong families and strong values. […]