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The Chad Can Help

Chad Rea is a man of multiple interests and talents. We recently reported on his 86ing 86theonions, in favor of ecopop. He also does public speaking, career coaching, voiceover work, philanthropy work and he directs music videos. His career coaching business is called Create Your Happy. Rea explains the need for career coaching. You might […]

Fishing for Skeet

See more videos at, a microsite from Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. RBFF’s mission is to increase participation in recreational angling and boating and thereby increase public awareness for protecting, conserving and restoring our nation’s aquatic resources.

Power Trippers Wanted

With gas prices headed north on a daily basis, people are rethinking their summer vacation plans, a fact which makes travel and tourism tough categories to promote right now. According to USA Today, many cities and states are responding with vacation ideas close to one’s home.

Old School Content Developer Not Ready To Collaborate

Michael Eisner, the former Disney chief and current head of Vuguru, speaking in New York yesterday, showed little interest in bringing brands into the development process of his firm’s short-form online programming. “I have never produced anything in my career with an audience in mind,” he said. [People] are saying the internet is made up […]

On-Color Humor

For more from Planet Green, visit their YouTube page.

Documentaries from and for The Nation

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In an animated discussion with Washington Post editors and reporters yesterday, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer offered his far-ranging views of upcoming changes in technology and the media. Here’s a slice: Q. What is your outlook for the future of media? A. In the next 10 years, the whole world of media, communications and advertising […]

Shed The Suit

Adweek has been offering a lot of guest columns of late. They’re featuring one from freelance copywriter and creative director, Jim Morris, at the moment. He argues that it’s tough being a CD today. His main point is CDs are doing their work and the work of hapless account directors. As I see my creative […]