The Chad Can Help

Chad Rea is a man of multiple interests and talents. We recently reported on his 86ing 86theonions, in favor of ecopop. He also does public speaking, career coaching, voiceover work, philanthropy work and he directs music videos.
His career coaching business is called Create Your Happy. Rea explains the need for career coaching.

You might be surprised to learn that after working for some of the top creative companies in the world, and starting successful companies of my own, including unconventional brand communications agency 86theonions, that I would be left unfulfilled and feeling like I had becomes someone else.

I don’t know Rea, but I’m not surprised. Advertising isn’t the most fulfilling of careers, unless one’s focus is on doing good things for great companies.
Rea mentions that Debbie Robins, Patricia McDade, Susan James and Tom Knowles, founder of Vedic Meditation Center, have been mentors to him and instrumental in helping him “create his happy.”
Rea provides coaching by phone, for those not in the Los Angeles vicinity. You can reach him at thechad at chadrea dot com.



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