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Roy Spence Loves The Red Phone Of Fear

Back in 1984, GSD&M’s Roy Spence was working for Walter Mondale’s campaign and created this spot for Texas: Now, Spence is back working for Hillary Clinton. The ominous phone is back, too: Apparently, he hasn’t had many new thoughts while walking across America. To paraphrase GSD&M’s work for Southwest, Spence is now free to scare […]

Where Commercials Once Were

I can’t believe I haven’t heard about Lovebites, a content play from JWT for Sunsilk Hair products, until now. Thankfully, Damiano Vukotic has heard. Lovebites is a 2-minute show that runs during commercial slots on “Sex in the City” reruns. The show was developed by JWT in conjunction with Paul Reiser (Mad About You). According […]

Making Music With Machines

Cool Hunting is reporting on a new experiential marketing initiative from Absolut Vodka. Absolut Machines is Absolut’s promotional initiative that explores where technology meets design in the form of two “machines.” Last night we got to check out one, the Absolut Quartet, an interactive multi-instrumental robotic machine. It consists of a marimba played by rubber […]

When The Work Stinks, Make A Stink

Richard Huntington, Director of Strategy for Saatchi & Saatchi in the UK, is looking for planners to stretch during difficult times on an account. Whenever I come across thinking that simply doesn’t excite me but where there are extenuating circumstances for why the strategy is as it is, I always ask the planner for their […]

quarterlife Moves To Bravo

New Tee Vee has several posts about quarterlife’s network debut and the fallout from said TV event. In a development that could kill the network dreams of other fledgling web series, quarterlife’s premiere on NBC bombed. TV by the Numbers paints the not-so-pretty picture: quarterlife came in last place in its time slot, with a […]

In Praise of Print

Crispin, Porter & Bogusky executive creative director, Andrew Keller, is in Sydney judging this year’s ANDY Awards. He’s also keeping a journal at Creativity Online. Here’s a bit of what he’s saying: I’m fascinated by print. It is almost impossible to nail down what makes a great print ad. There are rules and there are […]

When They Own It, They Really Mean It

According to The Wall Street Journal, celebs, like agencies, are looking for a cut of the action these days. Rather than a straight annual endorsement fee for doing a TV spot or slapping their picture on a magazine ad, some celebrities and athletes look for deals that offer a bigger piece of the action. Rapper […]

Circle One Takes The AdPulp Challenge

In a fitful moment last night, the Publisher of this site asked agencies to have some fun with Schick®. One agency–Circle One Marketing of Norwalk, CT–has now done so. Circe One embraces through-the-line marketing to do traditional, in-store, promotions and interactive for clients like Tastykake,, Birds Eye, Cadbury Schweppes beverages and Pepperidge Farm.