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Today In Twitterverse: Challenges In Wireless Connectivity

Scott Karp writes Publishing 2.0, a blog about how technology is transforming media.

Times Enables Mobile Info Snacking

According to a press release published on Yahoo Finance, The New York Times is happy to send you a text with links to its latest articles. By sending a text message with the appropriate keyword to 698698 (NYTNYT), users can receive the latest three articles from a given section of the paper. Articles can be […]

Oh Snap!

According to Ad Age, WPP Chief Martin Sorrell, isn’t impressed by Puclicis’ deft use of the press to forward its agenda. When Sorrell, in Davos for the World Economic Forum, was asked by a Reuters reporter about WPP’s “esteemed rival Publicis” and its deal with Google, he interrupted to say, “I think our most esteemed […]

Their Chicken Ain’t All That

Tyson Foods, Inc. has been touting its line of antibiotic-free chicken as part of a $70 million advertising campaign. But, competitive poultry producers are upset that the Arkansas-based company has been making false claims about its product. Calling themselves the Truthful Labeling Coalition, Perdue Farms, Sanderson Farms Inc., Gold’n Plump Poultry Inc. and Foster Poultry […]

Rupe In Switzerland, Now Wants To Keep Paid Subscribers

A couple weeks ago my subscription to the online version of The Wall Street Journal expired, then seamlessly auto-renewed. I don’t like auto-renew and didn’t know it was on. Add to this, the Journal’s move to a free content model supported by ads, per Rupe, and I said to myself, I hope they give me […]

Pretzel Logic

The New York Times is running an article that says advertisers are sticking with their network broadcast commitments despite the lack of new television programming, because there isn’t a better alternative at the moment. In a column on Wednesday, Wayne Friedman, the West Coast editor of MediaPost, noted that broadcast television continues to deliver a […]

See My South Savannah Tweets

I’m using Twitter today (when it’s up) for note-sharing on the panels I’m attending at BlogSavannah Unconference 2008. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about unconferences: An unconference is a conference where the content of the sessions is created and managed by the participants (generally day-by-day during the course of the event) rather than by […]

Pepsi To Tell Deaf Joke During Super Bowl

It’s time to start talking about Super Bowl commercials again. I’m pleased to start that process this year with PepsiCo. Their new production, “Bob’s House,” will air during the big game. It’s a spot where many, especially at a loud party, may think someone hit the Mute button. But they would be wrong.