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West Coast Optimism

Stuart Elliott’s Monday morning wake up call is all about how clients and Madison Avenue saw “the recession” coming a mile away and have already adjusted accordingly. Whatever. Let’s click over to where the action is, shall we? LA Times Staff Writer, Alana Semuels, paid a visit to the Rubicon Project’s offices, where “dozens of […]

How MTV Move

LA Times takes the phrase “integrated marketing” to a new place with a piece on content’s role in creating compelling advertainment. Younger viewers are “less married to traditional long form shows and, as a result, more receptive to different forms of content as long as the content is engaging and entertaining,” John Shea, executive vice […]

Not Billie Dee Williams’ Colt 45

Ad Age looks at an age old truth about mature brands. They need to get new customers in the franchise in order to survive. Talk about a marketing conundrum: Revive Colt 45 malt liquor — once seen as an exploitative product that preyed on the urban poor — as an edgy choice for young hipsters. […]

Today In Twitterverse: Guess Before You Buy

Even though it’s been around for a while, I just found my way to TwitterLit, a site that offers the first sentence from an unidentified book. Provided that the sentence is less than 140 characters, which is Twitter’s size limit for text. This offering capitalizes on the widespread like of word games and puzzles. Presently, […]

Total Dis’

Do you notice anything strange in this bit from the Arts section of today’s New York Times? A few (striking) writers have returned to gigs they had hoped to forget: waiting tables, bartending, copywriting, tutoring. Some who began as performers have returned to the grind of auditioning for commercials. That’s right, copywriting is just one […]

Zooming In On Hyperlocal

Yesterday at the second annual BlogSavannah UnConference, social media consultant and keynote speaker, Josh Hallett, said it was interesting to see how different cities adopt hyperlocal blogging. He mentioned that Tampa and Orlando (near his home) both have lots of hyperlocal bloggers. One of the things I look for at a conference is memes. They’re […]

Brand Love Turns Anthropomorphic

Jackie Huba and her man moved from Chicago to Austin recently. She’s finding lots of things to love about Austin, including a retail space she likes to call Mr. Flagship, or Mr. F, for short. I love the Whole Foods flagship store at 6th and Lamar in Austin, Texas. I’ve dated its cousins in Chicago, […]

NPR Scores With Content Packaged for Download

According to Ad Age, National Public Radio has been able to grow its total ad revenue from $18 million in 2002 to $46 million in 2007, in part by the leading the podcasting charge. In August 2005, Honda became its first sponsor to sign up for a podcast-specific deal, a trend that has since been […]