Archives for December 2007

Scratch And Win The Caucus

Over at, Roger Simon reveals Hillary Clinton’s latest tactic to win support in Iowa: A campaign with limited resources would forget about the expansion voters and just go after the provens and potentials. But the Clinton campaign has been sending out a special glossy mailing to expansion voters. On the bottom is a scratch […]

Retail Gets Webified

According to The Wall Street Journal, web-style consumer testimonials and other online conveniences are migrating to retail. Taking a page from the e-commerce world, companies including Cabela’s and Staples are featuring endorsements from shoppers in their product displays. These testimonials are different from the Web version in one big way: While most Web retailers leave […]

From Terminated To Terminator

Every now and then, we post some news or item about an ad agency that leads to some very personal and controversial comments. And other blogs do, too. HighJive at MultiCultClassics has some very interesting thoughts on the way blogs sometimes cover agencies, particularly when it comes to employee or ex-employee gossip and crosstalk: The […]

Devotion To Sugar

According to the BBC, Orthodox Christians in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia are upset with Coca-Cola over the misuse of sacred images. “Coca-Cola uses all these Orthodox symbols in a blasphemous way,” the complaint, lodged on 11 December, said. “Some images are deliberately turned upside down, including the crosses,” it said. An inverted cross is considered to […]

Picking Up The Pace

One of the things I’m constantly muttering to myself these days is how agencies and their clients need to speed up their creative development processes. Six months is a joke today, at least when it comes to digital. Six days is more like it. Of course, radical change doesn’t come easy. Apparently, I’m not alone […]

Portugal Is Open for Business

According to The New York Times, Portugal is spending over $4 million dollars to rework and bolster its image in the international business community. Manuel Pinho, Portugal’s minister for the economy and innovation said that 19 percent of the country’s power comes from renewable sources like the wind or the sun, putting Portugal in third […]

Politics Gets Personal For Huckabee The Huckster

He hasn’t raised the most money, but Mike Huckabee can afford a real good camera crew. Can you imagine the on-set high-fives when some campaign advisor looked through the lens and said “Wow, the way you’re framed here in the shot, there’s a freakin’ cross plain as day in the background right next to your […]

Ho Ho Ho

If you write about advertising, you’re going to receive a lot of holiday greetings from firms that create it. Rick Romell of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is no exception. But instead of letting these greetings go unloved in his inbox, he’s sharing them with his readers. This is the season for advertising shops to flex their […]