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Non-Smokers Want Some Breathing Room

Tiny Gigantic points to a motherload of executions from Japan’s “smoking manners” campaign. Here’s one that speaks to me:

Crispin Gets All “Last of the Mohicans” On Runners’ Asses

Eyebrows were raised earlier this year when Nike awarded a piece of its business to CP+B. After all, Nike’s top of mind presence can be traced directly to the decades of outstanding work from Wieden + Kennedy. I guess, loyalty doesn’t mean much when you have shoes to sell. According to The Wall Street Journal, […]

Testing The Merits of Pretesting

Every month, Steve McKee of McKee Wallwork Cleveland writes a column in Businessweek that puts in simple terms what real CEOs and marketing folks ought to know about advertising. This month, he takes on testing: Think about how a focus group works—people are invited in, fed a meal, and paid an incentive to offer insights […]

Santa Chat Goes South In A Hurry

According to Network World, technology is only as perfect as those who build it. Case in point: Microsoft recently added a Santa bot to Windows Live Messenger, so users could insert Santa into their IM buddy list. But sadly, Santa began to waver off topic telling children: “It’s fun to talk about oral sex, but […]

Drinking The Virtual Kool-Aid/Coca-Cola

Second Life? What’s that? Coca-Cola is going another way with their new virtual world called “Metro CC.” According to The New York Times, Coke is introducing its online island within a larger virtual world site called that tries to filter out unsavory content. The company that operates, Makena Technologies, uses software to censor […]

Media Makers Needed

According to Adweek, Hill Holliday is stepping up to the advertainment plate by creating a new position for John Dukakis. The former governor’s son will be svp, director of branded entertainment for the Boston-based shop. Baba Shetty, evp, chief media officer at Hill, Holliday, said: “These days we’re not just buying media—we’re often creating media, […]


Ed Cotton of Butler Shine & Stern is asking some pertinent questions. Can people stand watching a campaign evolve over time or do you have to have a quick hit? Surely, the ever- shrinking window of personal communication must be having an impact of broad scale communication? Can we even be bothered to see phases […]

Can Interactive Shops Step Up?

It’s been my experience when talking to interactive shops and looking at their work that they’re more focused on executing ideas rather than brand-building strategies and initiatives that can be used across all media. They’re good at what they do, but it’s a niche, and they’re not scrambling to hire the right people to change […]