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Sucking The Blood From “Product As Hero”

Kenneth Hein, writing for Brandweek offers us a new term for the advertising lexicon: Visual Vampire. Wendy’s red wig-clad ads are hard to miss. However, new research shows that the characters in pony-tailed toupees greatly overshadow the products featured in the same ads. “It is a visual vampire. There is high engagement, but when they […]

Welcome to the Viral Superbowl

Someone on the brand team at Dr. Pepper is spending a lot of time on YouTube. And why not? There are learnings to be gleaned and talent to be mined there. Take singer-songwriter and distinctive vocalist, Tay Zonday. He’s already an internet hitmaker, so Dr. Pepper wisely hitched a ride on his wagon, asking him […]

Outsourcing Outside The Box

So if an agency monolith like Publicis can outsource production work in the new world-new media-order, what about the rest of the creative jobs in advertising? At some point, when marketers ultimately look at the efficiencies they’ve achieved with third-world interactive servants, they may decide to that the writing and the art direction doesn’t matter […]

Digital Disorder Breeds Collective Intelligence

video courtesy of YouTube user, Michael Wesch When I was in Cambridge last month, I picked up the hardbound first edition of David Weinberger’s new book, Everything Is Miscellaneous. I just started reading it, so I’ll need to circle back in order to offer deeper analysis, but I can say “so far so good.” Here’s […]

‘Tis The Season For Ironic Endorsements

Today’s Yahoo! home page prominently features an ad for American Express starring Tina Fey. I’d say she’s got one less thing to worry about, given that’s she raking in some nice endorsement cash while she and other, more starving WGA writers are on strike.

Medical Device Advertising: It’s Stenterrific!

If you’re sick and tired of pharmaceutical ads on TV, wait ’til you get a load of the next trend: marketing medical devices directly to consumers. From The New York Times: The Cypher television spot might be mystifyingly vague to viewers who have never heard of stents, which are implanted in blood vessels to prop […]

Dell To Pay Big Bucks For Unrealized Promise of Integration

Dell will spend $4.5 billion over three years with holding company WPP, which will “go into business” with Dell by creating a new agency brand that will ultimately be available to other clients. According to The Wall Street Journal: One condition laid down by Dell in the review was that the companies vying for its […]

Bay Area Allure Is Strong

Ad Age looks at two agencies opening outposts in San Francisco—Olson and R/GA. image courtesy of Flickr user, http2007 Harold Sogard, vice chairman, Goodby Silverstein said, “I welcome R/GA to the center of true creativity.” Olson CEO John Olson said, “We, for one, like it there. The people who share our beliefs are there and […]