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Raising A Glass To An Iconic Brand

To paraphrase a old saying, reading about beer is like dancing about architecture. But Bill Yenne’s Guinness: The 250 Year Quest For The Perfect Pint makes a fun read, especially when you’re sitting at a bar on a Sunday afternoon and the Falcons are playing like a Pop Warner team. From the beginnings of Arthur […]

A Two-Fer Of Columns

Looking for some very light reading for the weekend? Check out A Carbon-Neutral Pile of Manure, my new column on Talent Zoo which takes a look at brands desperate to greenwash themselves. Why? Money is green. Or vice versa. If you live in Chicago, Minneapolis, Omaha, or other Midwest cities, you can head to the […]

Mute Buttons Collar The Truth

Joe The Peacock is funny. And when someone funny is forced to endure mindless babble on a conference call, they tend to a) pass out, or b) make a note of it. Joe The Peacock made note of it. Here are some of the things he thought, but could not say (without the invention of […]

Big Money In Sales

Fortune reports that the job du jour is online ad sales rep. In fact, the field is so hot, journalist Jessi Hempel was offered a “mid-six-figure” salary by a CEO to defect while reporting the story. Hiring a sales director “is the single biggest challenge that we have faced,” says Dina Kaplan, co-founder of, […]

Bob Garfield’s Not Feeling Comcastic

Ad Age critic Bob Garfield has taken his personal crusade against Comcast into the blogosphere with a new site called Comcast Must Die. Here’s part of the site intro: Actually, I have no deathwish for Comcast or any other gigantic, blundering, greedy, arrogant corporate monstrosity, What I do have is the earnest desire for such […]

From Nowhere To Everywhere In The Span Of A Decade

USA Today looks at the growing proliferation of, and resistance to, electronic mail. Today about 150 engineers at chipmaker Intel will kick off “Zero E-mail Fridays.” E-mail-free Fridays already are the norm at cell carrier U.S. Cellular and at order-processing company PBD Worldwide Fulfillment Services in Alpharetta, Ga. Prominent techies are tackling the problem individually […]

We Are Arrogant

According to Ad Age, We Are Gigantic, a MDC Partners-backed ad shop born earlier this year out of the now-defunct Margeotes Fertitta Powell, is being sued by Gigantic Marketing, a two-year-old New York-based marketing firm. I can’t argue the merits of the case (please use our comments area if you can), but I will offer […]

Focus Groups Reveal Brutal Truth: Cast A Chimp

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