Bob Garfield’s Not Feeling Comcastic

Ad Age critic Bob Garfield has taken his personal crusade against Comcast into the blogosphere with a new site called Comcast Must Die.
Here’s part of the site intro:

Actually, I have no deathwish for Comcast or any other gigantic, blundering, greedy, arrogant corporate monstrosity, What I do have is the earnest desire for such companies to change there ways. This site offers an opportunity — for you to vent your grievances (civilly, please) and for Comcast to pay close attention.
I advise you to include your customer number in your post; this will give Comcast the chance to contact you and work on your problem. If it does so, I encourage you to post an update, giving credit where credit is due. Meantime, be aware you may be the target of online fishers trying to get personal information from you. DO NOT REPLY TO EMAILS CLAIMING TO BE FROM COMCAST. Deal with them only by phone.

Is this Bob’s idea of forging a Web 2.0 conversation with Comcast?
Has he, the famed TV commercial ad critic, ever suggested that Goodby spend some time (and their client’s budget) thinking about ways Comcast can improve their customer experience instead of just dreaming up clever ads?
Will his reviews for Comcast competitors now be biased in favor of them?
Is he just jealous of Jeff Jarvis?



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