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You’re As Good As Your Last Video

In this dawning age of online video, brand consultant and blogger Ben McConnell, by his own admission, is an old laggard. You are either old or a laggard if you aren’t producing video-based content on a regular basis. Right now, that makes me an old laggard. A job title of the future for marketing departments […]

Firing Up A Colortini In Memory Of Tom Snyder

I’ve always wanted to be an interviewer-talk show host type of guy. Good ones are rare. So here’s to the memory of Tom Snyder, who I always liked to watch. If you didn’t think he was ahead of the curve, here’s a clip: R.I.P., Tom.

Ronald Rocks The Brand

McDonald’s is investing in experiential marketing. The QSR chain will host a free, 10-city concert tour featuring emerging recording artists performing in select McDonald’s parking lots. Consumers can view the concerts, check the tour schedule and buy concert T-shirts at McDLive. Fans can also can vote for their favorite artists. The musician or group with […]

Content Partners Pave Way To Web

Ad Age questions why print media brands have struggled to gain a foothold in the digital realm. The reasons vary, but it appears one print brand has it figured out. Complex magazine, where is an important part of the brand footprint, has just formed partnerships with the independent blogs Nice Kicks, Nah Right, Bastardly […]

Eco Options Don’t Include The Propaganda Channel

According to The New York Times, activists are urging Home Depot, which recently unveiled an environmentally conscious marketing program, to withdraw advertising from Fox News, whose hosts and commentators dismiss global warming as liberal hysteria. In April, Home Depot introduced an Eco Options label for thousands of products that it deemed environmentally friendly. “It’s not […]

Making Change In Redmond

According to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has, throughout its history, been slow to grasp some of the computer industry’s most important technology shifts and business changes. Craig Mundie, Chief Research and Strategy Officer at the tech giant wants to change that. “The bulk of the population comes to work every day and makes the […]

In Celebrity Obsessed Culture, Tawdry Gossip Turns To Gold

Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., better known as Perez Hilton, the self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media,” is on the front page of Sunday Styles today–a place normally reserved for the characters he writes about on his top drawer entertainment blog. With his shameless self-promotion and buffoonish appearance, Mr. Lavandeira, a childlike bear of a man, has […]

Seven Minutes Of Pure Genius

On December 1, 1967, in Chicago’s Prudential Building Auditorium, 75-year old Leo Burnett addressed his company at its annual Leo Burnett employees’ “Breakfast at Burnett’s.” Here’s the transcript of the speech.