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There Are No New Ideas, Vol. 37 No. 14

The Kansas City Star is reporting that an ad from JWT Sydney for a pet store called Pets Pantry, which won a Silver Lion at Cannes was actually created by an art student in San Francisco who is now an art director at Cole & Weber in Seattle. “At first I felt like, ‘This is […]


According to The New York Times, eMusic is working with AT&T to deliver music from indie bands on the network’s mobile platform. Tracks will cost more than they do over the Internet — $7.49 for five songs, as opposed to $9.99 for 30 at the online site — because of the expense of sending them […]

Facebook Fatigue Bogs Digerati Down

Scoble, Calacanis and Om Malik are all writing about “Facebook Fatigue.” So there must be something to it. The again, maybe not. Colin Pape in a comment on GigaOm puts it this way: I think you media pundits are forgetting that most of us don’t have 4,000 people wanting to become our friends, and we […]

Have Account Planners Been Reduced To ‘Mere Mortals’?

More obnoxious hyperbole from Ad Age as it examines the future of account planning: Not long ago, planners were the undisputed rock stars of the agency business. But they’re now mere mortals in “the middle of the maelstrom of everything going on — what communication, what media, how to compete and how to become versed […]

1% Alcohol, Tons of B.S.

Since when did beer become like deordorant and marketed to one sex or the other? I know Coors Light is all about it, and others, but the trend is getting weirder and that’s rarely good for the beer, or those drinking it. The August 2007 Trend Briefing from looks at various attempts by brewers […]

Rebel Against “I’m The Decider” Mindset

Get your sheepwear @ Vintage Vantage [via Experience Curve]

Chicago MBAs To Be Face Their Blank Pages

In what amounts to a rousing endorsement for Microsoft’s ubiquitous presentation software, the business school at University of Chicago will begin to require students applying for admission to submit a four-page Power Point deck. According to USA Today, Chicago says so-called “slideware,” if used correctly, lets students show off a creative side that might not […]

It’s OK For Ad Agencies To Hire Good-Looking People

Ad Age has a section on its site called “Talentworks” and while it portends to be a career-advancing section, there’s some really bizarro content on there. Like this article, written by an employment attorney: It’s no secret that marketers often consider the appearance of an ad agency’s employees to be one indicator of how their […]