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Facebook And Cultural Hegemony

One of the interweb’s most famous academics, Danah Boyd, weighs in on class divisions found in social networking preferences among teens. The goodie two shoes, jocks, athletes, or other “good” kids are now going to Facebook. These kids tend to come from families who emphasize education and going to college. They are part of what […]

Nando Goes Commando

Nando’s Chicken Restaurants in the U.K. found a breakthrough means to espress the chain’s addictive qualities. They cast a “working” mom as a poultry addict in need of a nicotine-like patch to assuage her hunger pangs. But the patch got in the way of her work duties, so she and her cute little family had […]

While Cannes Burns…

Scott Donaton, Publisher of Advertising Age, wanted sparks to fly from the panel he moderated in Cannes last week. Instead, he could barely muster enough smoke to smudge an industry wallowing in denial. Here’s what we learned at the high-powered Cannes Debate panel on agency reinvention, which I moderated during last week’s International Advertising Festival: […]

Ad Blog Link Love

A few great posts on some other blogs recently, if you haven’t yet checked them out: Tangerine Toad has a great 3-part series on “Web 2.0 Unmasked,” exposing the issues faced when pushing brands in new media applications. HighJive at MultiCultClassics outlines “an abridged lineup of stereotypical characters that effortlessly land Madison Avenue positions ahead […]

Diversity Threatened By Institutional Greed

I went to stream some indie rock on WOXY this morning, but none came through. Today is a The Day of Silence, an international protest against exorbitant royalty rates that threaten the existence of all but the most well funded webcasters. The Internet Radio Equality Act has recently been introduced in both the House and […]

Scarpelli Says “Stretch” And Ye Shall Win

Speaking of stretching, Nokia conducted a “Young Creatives Competition” at Cannes, where two-person teams from around the globe had but two days to go from concept to commercial, using the Nokia N93i for their shoot. Team Italy won. New Tee Vee has more.

Print Goes Up In Smoke

Ad Age is running an interesting piece on the death of cigarette advertising. At a time when the FDA would like to control tobacco and possibly make print advertising for cigs illegal (to match the existing TV and radio bans), the move may prove to be purely symbolic (if it happens), for Big Tobacco has […]

When You Have Kids At Choate, You Tend To Play It Safe

The fifth annual PRWeek/Manning Selvage & Lee Marketing Management Survey polled 279 U.S. chief marketing officers, VPs of marketing, and marketing directors on new media/consumer generated media, integrated marketing and industry ethics. Concenring CGM, the findings are more than a bit discouraging. Only 22% said they were “very willing” to allow consumers more control. Others […]