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People Will Scroll

The word “blog” has lost all meaning. From it’s humble beginnings as something jobless people in pajamas did, it has fractured into a million pieces before finally being co-opted by mainstream media companies. Now, more and more, a blog is a website and a website a blog. Point in case, AOL News and other AOL […]

AdPulp Fans In Sweden: Tune In On Saturday

It’s definitely not every day that I get a call from a reporter for Swedish national radio, but the other day, I did. In response to the Dove/Fair And Lovely comparison I wrote about, I was interviewed by Sara Heyman, a reporter for Sveriges Radio, Radio Sweden. I discussed the two ads and the fact […]

“Domain Name Parking” Morphs Into “Direct Navigation”

Looking for that perfect domain name to launch a business or a personal website, but can’t find a suitable name currently available for lease? You may have Marchex, Seattle-based media company, to blame. Louise Story, writing on the NYT’s tech blog, Bits, reveals that Marchex owns 200,000 domain names, 100,000 of which were acquired two […]

A Ramekin of Advertainment

Hellmann’s mayonnaise, a Unilever brand, produced a new show they hoped would air on the Food Network. According to The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) the marketer’s ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather, couldn’t reach a deal with the network’s majority owner, E.W. Scripps. The network “wanted final cut, meaning they have the final say […]

Physical Comedy Moves Processed Beef

Slim Jim’s in trouble. Next time I’m on a long road trip and hungry for beef jerky (that’s about the only time I am), I’m reaching for Jack Link’s. Why? Jerky’s a parity product. I’m buying the advertising.

iPhone Bigger Than The Rolling Stones

Thanks to Apple we have a story about how elegent product design drives intense desire in consumers. This Friday at 6:00 pm Apple’s latest communications device goes on sale and people are already lined up in the heat of the summer to buy one, or more than one. According to Info World, one man from […]

Channel Marketing Capabilities Adds $400 Mil To Burnett’s Billings

You may have heard that automotive behemoth General Motors shifted its Buick and GMC truck advertising accounts to Leo Burnett without a review. Sun Times ad columnist, Lewis Lazare, says it wasn’t a creative decision, although he despises McCann Erickson’s new tagline for Buick, “Drive Beautiful.” In fact, Lazare calls the line “horrendously stupid.” Rather, […]

Work Like You’re Showing Off! Exclamation Points Included

I have to admit, it’s a little hard to come home after a day of dealing with client nonsense and try to tackle a book called “Work Like You’re Showing Off! The Joy, Jazz and Kick of Being Better Tomorrow Than You Were Today.” Especially when there’s an exclamation point in the title and 2 […]