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First, Get A First Life

“The brands that are adopted, blogged about, and parodied the most are the ones that are going to win because they’re involved in the evolution of pop culture.” –Jeff Hicks If we are to believe Crispin’s CEO, Second Life is in the winner’s circle.

Fines Levied In Boston Case

According to the Washington Post, parties responsible for last week’s viral marketing “bomb scare” have a hefty price to pay for their actions. Turner Broadcasting Systems and a marketing company have agreed to pay $2 million compensation and apologize for their advertising campaign that caused a widespread terrorism scare. The agreement with several state and […]

Hal Curtis Stays Put In Portland

Ad Age is reporting that Chuck McBride’s proposed splinter group will be less one creative superstar. Wieden & Kennedy creative director Hal Curtis, who heads creative for the agency’s Coca-Cola account, will not be joining a planned startup involving his former creative partner, Chuck McBride. Executives familiar with the situation said Mr. Curtis was offered […]

The Definitive Julie Article–Not in Bentonville Magazine

…but rather in New York Magazine. I’ll have to take time to digest this one. It’s 6,000 words long, or so.

Shutout In The 4th

There was no winner in the fourth quarter. It was pretty much one poor spot after the next. Mercifully, it ended on a semi-decent effort from a fan (with an assist from Pytka). [UPDATE] Participants in USA Today’s real-time consumer focus group, saw things much differently. They loved the crabs that carry away an ice […]

Emerald Nuts and Nationwide Get In the Game During 3rd


Coca-Cola Gains Ground In 2nd Quarter

Coca-Cola ran three spots in the second quarter, all of which were well done. The brand’s Black History month spot may have been the best of the three, given the historic nature of today’s game. Although, it’s hard to find fault with the Grand Theft Auto remake, which journeys back in Coke time to the […]

Bud Light Takes The 1st Quarter

Bud Light opened the game strong with three commercials. The first, “Rock, Paper Scissors,” I didn’t care for, but the other two were funny.