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Are Attention Spans Increasing?

Consumers (i.e., us) are so good at multitasking that they now prefer to consume multiple media types simultaneously. The fact that we’re listening to NPR while shopping on Ebay while watching 24 is no newsflash. But the implications of this behavior are profound for marketers who now must reconsider fundamental measurements of time. To set […]

Here We Go Again

While we probably ought to be more interested in upcoming Super Bowl spots, this political ad caught our eye. Stop Hillary Public Action Committee is working to halt the New York Senator’s path back to the White House. In the video above the PAC catches Iowa Democrats on camera expressing their doubts about her candidacy. […]

How To Make Ads (In One Easy To Understand Paragraph)

Author, educator and art director/brand strategist, Robin Landa, spoke with some of the industry’s top creative directors and compiled their best advise in a downloadable document available from for $0.49. Here’s a small slice: Robin Landa: “What’s your philosophy about advertising?” John Butler: “It has to be likeable. It has to inform and inspire. […]

Advertising’s Version of the New Bond

According to USA Today, Whirlpool is launching a nationwide search for a next generation Maytag repairman. It could be a professional actor, an ordinary guy next door or even a real-life appliance repairman, the company says. The search will include casting calls for union actors and calls open to the public in Los Angeles, Chicago […]

Kottke’s Comments Outsourced To Bloghanistan

Ben Brown “lives in San Francisco but dreams in Austin.” As such, he’s uniquely qualified to create an innovative mashup. Powered by BBQ and an animal desire to parody everything I see, I registered the domain “,” mostly as a joke. Everyone loves alliteration. Well, this evening, I found a few spare brain cycles and […]

Third Generation Packaging of the Counter Culture

Rob Walker’s Consumed column in the New York Times Magazine today looks at a youthful company trying to bring new meaning to a crusty old word. One of the sturdy clichés of contemporary brand-building is the importance of avoiding an image that’s too “crunchy” or, worse, too “granola-y.” That’s particularly true — and maybe particularly […]

Poor People In Latin America: The Perfect Demographic

I simply have no idea what to make of this. From The Wall Street Journal: While many advertisers lavish dollars targeting well-off consumers, in Latin America the vast majority of people have far less money. According to the World Bank, 25% live on less than $2 a day, and many millions of others earn only […]

Move Over Howard Draft and Julie Roehm, There’s A New Scandal In Town

When it invloves a beautiful woman, business ethics isn’t an oxymoron. Rather it’s time for the mainstream press to go all Gawker on us. Here’s how the Globe and Mail describes the situation: She is the face that launched a thousand stocks, a television fixture whose movie-star looks and expanding influence have earned her the […]