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Consumer Generated Jewelry

There’s photo sharing, then there’s Spencer Moy’s photo cuff which take the concept to another, more personal level. Available at [via Aprille Roelle at Kodak’s A 1000 Words blog]

Tennessee Senate Race Radio Ad Sounds Ugly

So there’s a Senate race in Tennessee pitting the Republican former mayor of Chattanooga, Bob Corker, against Democratic Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. Corker is white. Ford is black. Tennessee is…well, Tennessee. The candidates have political differences. But do they have different musical tastes? Listen to this radio spot. It compares the two candidates. Every time […]

Geeks Rule The World (Yes, Even Apple’s World)

I love the iTunes store and the iTunes application I use to play music everyday on my Powerbook. But I do not love the DRM imposition that limits what I can do with the music I legally purchase. Nor does Jon Johansen, the 20-something hacker widely known for helping crack the piracy protections on DVDs […]

Federal Judge Says Online Stores Must Change

Inc. has an interesting look at website usability/access issues. Some online retailers are rethinking their websites in light of a recent federal court ruling that says they must by more accessible to the blind. In a class-action lawsuit filed in Berkeley, Calif., by the National Federation of the Blind, a federal district court judge ruled […]

Wal-Mart’s Too Trendy!

Saw this in the New York Times and I had to chuckle: The chief executive of Wal-Mart Stores, H. Lee Scott Jr., said yesterday that the introduction of upscale products, like silk camisoles and 300-thread-count sheets, had proved “choppier than it should be” and that the company had “moved too far too fast” with fashionable […]

Agencies In Strange Places: 13th In A Series

Lewis Lazare looks north today, past Lincoln Park all the way up the north shore to the land of lacrosse, country clubs, private schools and 10,000 sf homes. Dangel Advertising in Lake Forest is the new national ad agency of record for Crate & Barrel and its sister brand CB2. The north suburban agency will […]

The Dew Is Looking For A New ‘Do

“zero proof moonshine” According to Brandweek, extreme is so not. Mountain Dew is undergoing an extreme makeover, scrapping its 13-year-old “Do the Dew” theme and dumping its “extreme” positioning, which many now consider tired. Frank Cooper, vp-marketing put in charge of the PepsiCo brand less than a year ago, is leading the charge, challenging the […]

There’s A New Blog On The Communications Block

Conscious Media Maker is a blog for entertainment, media, advertising and public relations professionals who are committed to bringing about more realistic, three-dimensional representations of people of color. [HAT TIP to High Jive]