Archives for August 2006

Viacom Gets Gen Y

According to the New York Times, Sumner Redstone’s media conglomerate is making savvy moves and cashing in on them. Viacom said yesterday that growth in advertising sales at its MTV Networks helped the company post a 27 percent increase in second-quarter profit. Viacom also announced that it had agreed to buy the online video and […]

Trust Is A Big Brand Builder

After AOL’s fumbling of privacy-rich search data, an act for which they’re taking a pounding, customer-centric Google is looking good in this USA Today article on the topic: Google CEO Eric Schmidt has a message for Google users: Your searches are safe. “Our No. 1 priority with our users is trust,” Schmidt told some 2,000 […]

Some Ad Guys Are Real Creeps

“Quiznos Marketing Exec Arrested in Chat Room Sex Sting” the Ad Age headline rings out, having made its way from the New York Post’s newroom. Quiznos’ senior VP of marketing, Scott Lippitt, 47, faces at least five felony charges, including criminal attempt at sexual assault on a child; enticement of a child; contributing to the […]

New Rolling Stone Smells Like Old Times

Ad Age reports that Showtime placed a scent-strip ad in the Aug. 24 issue of Rolling Stone to promote the second season of “Weeds,” a show where a suburban mother (played by Mary-Louise Parker) sells marijuana to keep the mortgage paid. “It smells like hippies wearing patchouli,” said a MediaWorks colleague who got to sniff […]

Beyond Brand Evangelism

According to Newsweek, Peter McBride can take off his polo shirt and maintain his preppy image. McBride, 22, has a Polo pony tattooed on his chest. His decision to brand himself with a brand is increasingly common. Gaje Pou, a New York City tattoo artist, says getting inked with designer or corporate logos is “definitely […]

Spam And Phishing Are Not Your Problem (Even Though They Are)

Grant McCracken, a man with a Ph.D. in anthropology who has taught at Harvard Business School, examines the way Microsoft and eBay avoid treating problems like spam and phishing that daily impact their customers and their brands. For some reason, Microsoft thought that spam was my problem. How cavalier. Apparently, the author and vendor of […]

Wagging The Valley’s Long Tail

San Jose Mercury News takes a closer look at Nick Denton’s Valleywag, a.k.a. Nick Douglas. The 22-year-old college dropout has ruffled Silicon Valley’s feathers in the seven months since launched. The site has established itself with a daily quota of 12 items, a mixture of gossip, rumor and wry riffs. Plus, Valleywag gives the […]

Pestitcides Are Not Refreshing

Turkish newspaper, Zaman, brings us this twisted story of two beverage behemoths gone bad: India parliament agreed on ban of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo products following last week’s discovery of toxic chemicals in the Indian manufactured cola products. The New Delhi-based Center for Science and Environment said last week that tests conducted on 57 samples found […]