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Rising Gas Prices Precipitate Executive Delusions

General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner, in a foolish moment, told USA Today $4.00/gallon gas will not lead to fewer auto sales. Despite the speculation about how high prices could run after the cutoff this week of BP’s Alaskan crude, Wagoner says he thinks vehicle sales are unlikely to nose-dive. “We have actually been a little […]

Bono Plays Steve Forbes’ Fundraiser

Bono is one of six founding partners in Elevation Partners, a private equity group. According to New York Times, Elevation just acquired a stake of more than 40 percent in 89-year-old Forbes magazine and at a cost of $250 million to $300 million. Roger McNamee, a managing director and co-founder of Elevation, helps mere […]

The Old Embedded Google Search Box Trick

USA Today reports on a lucrative deal between online titans. Google reached a deal Monday with the owner of to share at least $900 million in advertising revenues and become the exclusive search provider for the popular social-networking site. Under the multiyear deal, News Corp.’s Fox Interactive Media unit will add Google search boxes […]

Ricky Bobby’s White Bread

If this Ad Age report is correct, supermarkets across the land can expect a run on bologna, mustard, peanut butter and jelly. When Interstate Bakeries Corp. agreed to a product-placement deal with Sony Pictures to have its Wonder Bread brand incorporated into a Will Ferrell movie, it did so with a handshake and a prayer. […]

Actors’ Union Strongarms Madison Avenue (Madison Avenue To Make Clients Pay)

The actors unions and representatives of major national advertisers said they have reached a tentative agreement that extends their contract for two more years, according to Adweek. The pact, which is set to run through 2008, is significant because it governs $2 billion worth of advertising in which actors appear. The deal, if approved by […]

You Don’t Make The Cover Of Magazines By Playing It Safe

According to MyBusiness Magazine, Jason Fried of 37signals built his business with a philosophy he calls “Getting Real,” a way of thinking that inspires those with limited budgets and few resources to create successful products. “Big business loves mediocrity: They put process first and product second. As long as you go through this process and […]

Software That People Need…You Can Bank On It

Adobe Systems CEO, Bruce R. Chizen, 50, spoke to New York Times reporter, Juston Jones. Here’s some of what he said: “Adobe is everywhere you look.The fonts in daily newspapers may have been created with Adobe Type. The layouts in magazines are likely to have been made with Adobe InDesign. The graphics on soda cans […]

Packaging Innovation Conveniently Delivers Grease And Starch

A New York Times business writer looks at fast food product development, but finds manipulation of language instead: Corporate jargon can sound austere when used to describe something like the Mashed Potato Bowl, a new menu item at the restaurant chain KFC. To a fast-food gourmand, the product appears to be a simple, casserole-like mélange […]