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Punks Do It Themselves

Darryl Ohrt of Brand Flakes for Breakfast wants to know if you’ve brought the punk rock ethos into your workplace. Here’s how he thinks about his own punk youth and its impact on his business life: Within the punk rock credo of my youth were the seeds of a larger business philosophy. Ten years in […]

“The Walls Between Art And Engineering Exist Only In Our Minds”

[via Kottke]

Fruity Goodness

Click Here, a Dallas-based interactive agency, has launched Fruit Guy Fans, a Fruit of the Loom microsite that busts on the brand’s iconic spokesfruit and the indie music scene all in one fell swoop. Like a good indie fan site, this one makes MP3 downloads available. One song hangs on the line, “You can’t overlove […]

Free Audiobooks

New York Times explores the world of free audiobooks, from services like LibriVox, Telltale Weekly and LiteralSystems. At its worst a free audiobook can sound like a teenager reading aloud in high school English class. At its best it can offer excellent sound quality and skilled narration infused with a passion for the text. In […]

Violent Crime Not Sexy, Nor Desirable

Fashion advertising is not known for good taste, but this new ad from Jimmy Choo, takes “in poor taste” to another level. Agenda Inc. calls it “kidnap chic.” I call it sick and wrong. Why stars like Quincy Jones and Molly Sims would care to appear in a degrading, cheap stunt like this is beyond […]

For Your Own Good, Put The Crackberry Down

According to Management-Issues, addiction to one’s Crackberry can be as serious as addition to booze. Although, I scoff at such nonsense. Does one lose their job, friends and family over a Crackberry? No. Does one wake up in strange apartments or alleyways because of Crackberry addiction? Maybe. At any rate, the article does shine some […]

Wang, The Populist

According to USA Today, Vera Wang is tired of selling $10,000 wedding dresses to rich people. Kohl’s announced Thursday a union with high-end fashion designer, Vera Wang. The exclusive brand called Very Vera by Vera Wang will be available in all 749 Kohl’s stores and on starting in the fall of 2007. For Wang, […]

Money Moves To Blogs

Business 2.0 is running an interesting article on the handful of men and women currently milking the bloatosphere for all its worth. Boing Boing, a four-person operation that bills itself as a directory of wonderful things, is on track to gross an estimated $1 million in ad revenue this year. The digital-media news site, […]