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Men Need Guidance. Fortunately, Advertising Can Help.

So I’m listening to the radio in my car today, and up pops a commercial for Autolite car parts. Some very Jerky-Boys like voice starts talking about Cubic Zirconia, and a VO says, “These man tips brought to you by Autolite.” Well, I don’t know who made it on air first–the Autolite campaign or the […]

Get Web 2.0 Right (So There’s No Web 3.0)

Steve Rubel, VP of a large PR firm, is moonlighting as a commitment counselor. Who knew? If I were the Web, I would be tired of all the dating games by now and would have moved on to someone else. It seems as though all global corporations want to do is flirt, date or maybe […]

New Valley Startup May Eat In To Conference Attendance

courtesy of Flickr user, adactio Valleyschwag, not to be confused with Gawker Media’s Valley Wag, is preparing to meet the needs of nerds everywhere. Out here in the Valley (Silicon Valley, that is) we’re well known for cookin’ up a mean tech company. But our real legacy is our schwag–the t-shirts, ballcaps, notepads, stickers, keychains, […]

Fertilizer Needed

If you like to follow the ups and downs of Chicago ad agencies and the people who work in them, Lewis Lazare is your man. In this morning’s edition of the Chicago Sun Times, Lazare details the many twists in the road faced by GreenHouse Communications. GreenHouse is perhaps best known as the shop that […]

Can’t We All Just Sing-A-Long?

You want to know what’s good? An art director who can write is good. Bill Green of Make the logo bigger is such a creature. Here’s his take on a Coors Light radio spot that made him want to punch the radio: Really trying hard here not to be an asshole, but if anyone can […]

“Involve Me And I Will Understand”

If you read the advertising trade press everyday as I do, you grow tired of all the latest and greatest developments. Reading the same story over and over again with only the names changed becomes tedious. The endless buzz (and the terminology invented to support it) falls on deaf ears. Ergo, it was sweet to […]

The Creative Mind Has No Off Switch

John January of Sullivan Higdon + Sink tried his best to have an ad free holiday weekend, but it didn’t work out exactly as planned. On his way to and from a relaxing weekend of pontoon boating on a rock-bottom lake, January observed the following: -Both churches and Adult-oriented merchants believe strongly in the power […]

Trade Ya

This is either a stroke of genius or an act of total desperation. I can’t tell at the moment. Virgin Mobile is willing to trade you free minutes on its wireless network. All one has to do is willingly watch commercials and pay attention while doing so. According to the New York Times: With the […]