Archives for February 2006 Traffic Surged 594% On Strength Of Super Bowl Media Buy

BL Ochman wrote the following text (all I did was write the headline): Never mind not integrating their campaigns with new media, several advertisers didn’t even include a URL in their multi-gazillion-dollar Super Bowl commercials! That’s completely ridiculous in light of comScore Networks research showing that some advertisers, led by Budweiser, saw huge spikes in […]

Jonsein’ For Yahoo’s New Mail

I’ve had a Yahoo email address for years. I use it whenever I buy something online. Recently, I’ve been reading about the company’s beta release of its new Yahoo! Mail product. The more I hear, the more patience I lose with the existing model. Come on Yahoo, help a brother out. Here’s what Khoi Vinh […]

Can Geeks Adjust To This Sort Of Vitriol?

Jason Calacanis on Gawker Media’s latest media property and what it means for the future sale of Nick Denton’s company: I never believed Nick when he told me he wouldn’t sell Gawker (especially not after all my pals at the big portals told me that he was meeting with them). However, watching Valleywag alienate 90% […]

State of the ‘Blogosphere’

Technorati’s CEO, David Sifry just release his latest State of the Blogosphere Report Among the highlights: Technorati now tracks over 27.2 Million blogs The blogosphere is doubling in size every 5 and a half months It is now over 60 times bigger than it was 3 years ago On average, a new weblog is created […]

Surfer Dude Takes Visa In New Direction

Adweek: Visa today unveiled its first new branding direction in 20 years, according to Suzanne Lyons, its executive vice president and chief marketing officer. The tagline, ending the decades-long reign of “It’s everywhere you want to be,” is “Life takes Visa,” Lyons said. This marks the first major Visa effort from Omnicom’s TBWA\Chiat\Day in Playa […]

Where The Girls Are

Adweek: Maybelline is launching a Web site Tuesday for its new makeup line, Pure, that takes a novel approach to engaging teenage girls and young women. Instead of focusing on its products, the cosmetics company is taking a page from MySpace’s playbook and inviting visitors to create and share content. Built by aQuantive’s Avenue A/Razorfish, […]

More Proof That Focus Groups Are Bunk

Evan Tishuk of Orange Coat pointed us to this Seed Magazine article which looks at the Super Bowl spots consumers truly liked, not the one they said they liked. UCLA neuropsychiatry researcher, Marco Iacoboni, scanned the brains of people while they watched commercials from Super Bowl XL and observed their neural activity. Iacoboni and his […]

More Waxing Nostalgic For “1984”

Over at BusinessWeek, there’s a podcast where Steve Hayden, who wrote the Apple “1984” spot, talks about all the challenges and controversy surrounding the spot’s creation. Honestly, I haven’t listed to this podcast, so I don’t know if Hayden mentioned that when it was first introduced, the Macintosh was an insanely overpriced, underpowered box of […]