Can Geeks Adjust To This Sort Of Vitriol?

Jason Calacanis on Gawker Media’s latest media property and what it means for the future sale of Nick Denton’s company:

I never believed Nick when he told me he wouldn’t sell Gawker (especially not after all my pals at the big portals told me that he was meeting with them). However, watching Valleywag alienate 90% of the industry over the past couple of days in such a personal and vicious way, Nick’s convinced me that he could really care less.
I mean, how long can Gawker Media have a business relationship with Yahoo or Google at this rate?

In the comments on Calacanis’ site, Denton responds:

Jason, that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever written. I think of Valleywag as Gawker Media’s poison pill. No way any media company would want to own Gawker and Defamer given the sites’ tendency to dwell on the embarrassment of the moguls. With Valleywag, now we should be safe from the attentions of the tech companies too. And if none of those sites are sufficiently off-putting, there’s always Fleshbot.

Thanks to Blogebrity for the chart.



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