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GM Gets Blogs. TV Is Another Story.

Good PR people today recommend that clients jump fearlessly in to the bloatosphere and join the conversation, as opposed to pretending it isn’t happening. Nathan Lyst of General Motors has taken that advise to heart. Here’s what he has to say in defense of his “Born from Jets” advertising campaign. Thought I’d open myself up […]

Tom Bodett’s 6 Reasons Not To Buy Airtime

Adweek: Accor North America, operator of Motel 6, Red Roof Inn and other motel chains, has launched its first podcast ad campaign featuring longtime spokesman Tom Bodett. The Richards Group, Accor’s agency, developed the campaign. “Podcasting is a new way for people to gather information based on their own preferences and timing,” said Eric Studer, […]

Fear Factor By The Lake

In today’s Chicago Sun Times, Lewis Lazare offers his gloomy year-end wrapup. We’d love to say 2005 was the year the Chicago advertising industry impressively made its case on the global stage. But we would be lying. It was, in fact, another pretty exasperating year. New business was, for the most part, hard to come […]

Make Your Own List

Humans have a deep need to create social hierarchies. We’re a lot like wolves in that way. Therefore, it’s no surprise to see Always On and Technorati’s Open Media 100–a list of new media movers and shakers. Seth Godin and Steve Rubel appear to be the only representatives from marketing, which is okay, since marketing […]

Keeping Up With The Jetsons

Toyota’s “i-unit” is a union of driver and vehicle intended to expand human abilities and possibilities. The body is built using environmentally friendly plant-based materials such as kenaf.

The Dude Abides

NYT: In 2002, Blake Krikorian and his brother Jason were beside themselves. Their beloved San Francisco Giants were in a pennant race, yet Blake and Jason, two Silicon Valley engineers, were traveling so much that they missed many of the games on television. Desperate, they signed up for a service that offered live audio and […]

Photo Sharing 2.0

Michael Arrington of Tech Crunch loves BubbleShare, a new photo sharing site. Toronto-based online photo sharing BubbleShare is just wonderful, and ridiculously easy to use. Their interface team deserves a gold star or something, because I don’t think I’ve ever used a site’s full functionality without consulting a single FAQ or other instruction. The free […]

The Art Of Self-Promotion

Lewis Lazare likes The Ungar Group’s self-promo efforts. The Ungar Group/Chicago is one of the only ad agencies we know of that actually believes what it preaches to others — namely, the importance of advertising to build a brand. Unlike most of the city’s ad agencies, to say nothing of those elsewhere around the country, […]