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Record Label Takes It Up A Notch

Martin Cortez points to this outdoor board placed by Champaign, IL-based hip hop label, Up A Notch Records in the name of a fictional parents organization, Coalition of Responsible and Attentive Parents (C.R.A.P). The label then encouraged a student group, Urbana Champaign Hip Hop Congress to deface their media placements, which was quickly done. Whether […]

Newspapers Use Intrusive Marketing To Boost Numbers

Across the country each week, more than 1.6 million people who are not on newspaper subscriber rolls are being delivered copies that did not cost them a cent – but they are still being classified as paying customers, an analysis by The New York Times has found. The papers, which are typically paid for by […]

Lawyer Says, “Don’t Call Us Fat.”

Dear Brandweek, Your article, “Kellogg Wakes Up Eggo with New SKUs, Design,” (Brandweek, Dec. 13), contains a factual mischaracterization of Pillsbury Waffle Sticks with Dippin’ Cups. Pillsbury Dunkables Waffle Sticks with Syrup Cups, as our product is now called, do not contain 30% more fat than Eggo Original French Toaster Sticks. Eggo Original French Toaster […]

GM Driving Force In Corporate Blog Development

Neville Hobson, a Brit living in Amsterdam, points to GM’s new FastLane blog. Hobson writes, “This is the first ‘mainstream’ Fortune 100 company (as opposed to technology-related) to venture into the blogosphere with an executive leadership blog. A tremendous step. All the elements you’d expect to see in a blog are present – comments, trackbacks […]

Presidents And Preppies Succumb To Power Of Fake News

America (The Book), the satire by Jon Stewart and the staff of The Daily Show, was the hottest book in the four weeks before Christmas, according to sales data collected for USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books. In the five weeks after Thanksgiving, Stewart’s parody of a textbook outsold Bill Clinton’s memoir, My Life, 7 to 1. […]

Blue Bloods Want Their Plaid Back

from NY Times Magazine: In Elizabethan England, there were sumptuary laws to prevent members of the rabble from dressing above their station. This was never really effective, but to understand how truly futile it is these days for the upper classes to try keeping the masses in their sartorial place, you need to know what […]

The Game Is On

When I’m not making blog entries here, I’m at work promoting blogs and other conversational media tools to ad agencies and marketers. I’ve suggested more than once that conversational media represents a new source of revenue for marketing services firms. Now, that “theory” can be put to rest. MWW Group, the nation’s 11th largest public […]

Public Interest Lobbyists Tilting At Windmills

from Washington Post: A Washington consumer group held a press conference yesterday urging food marketers to voluntarily quit promoting junk food to children. Center for Science in the Public Interest, which regularly weighs in on nutrition issues, outlined voluntary guidelines calling for a complete halt to promoting soda, caffeinated drinks and sugary drinks; foods largely […]