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Kraft Readily Complies With Do Gooders Requests

Just days after the Center for Science in the Public Interest called for a voluntary ban on non-nourishing food advertising, Kraft Foods has announced its readiness to comply. According to the Chicago Tribune, the nation’s biggest food manufacturer, said it plans to curb its advertising of Oreo cookies, regular Kool-Aid and other popular snack foods […]

Chief Marketing Officers Can’t Sell Schlock

Marketing guru, prolific author and blogger, Seth Godin, says, “If I were the CMO of Verizon, I’d fix the call centers. I’d fire people with a lousy attitude who aren’t afraid to share it with a customer. I’d reward the great ones (like the installer who came to my new office last week) and figure […]

Product Love Takes Dangerous Turn

By Bryn Mickle and Kim Crawford of Flint Journal: FLINT – Tony J. Young wasn’t about to lose his car again. His 2003 Ford Mustang Coupe had been stolen before, so when it happened again Thursday morning, Young grabbed the rear spoiler and held on as the thief hit the gas. Clutching the back of […]

Lay’s Legal Team Turns To P.R. Campaign (They Can Afford It)

from Houston Chronicle: Ken Lay is a 21st century defendant, and he’s willing to pay up to 12 cents every time somebody figures that out. Not only is he telling his side of things on his own Web site, but he’s paying to make sure major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and AOL list […]

Careful What You Say

from The New York Times: Against the backdrop of the Macworld Exposition in San Francisco this week, a series of legal actions filed by Apple Computer over the last month highlights the difficulties of defining who is a journalist in the age of the Web log. As part of a lawsuit filed by Apple in […]

Stars Adding “Brand Ambassador” To Already Weighty Resumes

According to Brandweek, New York-Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer has named Uma Thurman, tennis champ Maria Sharapova and Nascar star Jeff Gordon “brand ambassadors” in the next evolution of the “What are you made of?” campaign. The three join Tiger Woods in representing the brand. In addition to being featured in print and outdoor […]

Amstel Light Flips For Freestylers

According to Promo Magazine, Amstel Light, the largest selling imported light beer in the US, has signed once again to sponsor the U.S. Freeskiing Tour. This is the third time Amstel Light has sponsored the tour. The brand will also sponsor the Amstel Light Free Skiing Sweepstakes, each week for 13 weeks ending March 18. […]

Free Hot Chocolate (But Don’t Call It That)

Hot chocolate lovers can stop in to their local Starbucks this Thursday from 4:00 to 5:00 pm for a free sample of Chantico drinking chocolate, the beverage chain’s latest creation. According to Starbucks, the name