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Court Crandall’s Got Skills

I learned today that Court Crandall, one of the founders and principals of Los Angeles agency, Ground Zero, wrote the wildly popular farce on film, Old School. Mr. Crandall also has a children’s book coming out care of Random House. And he runs one of the more creative places in the business on a day-to-day […]

Brand Architects Give Ground To Brand Geographers

Hugh MacLeod, the writer-guy who draws (sometimes raunchy) comics on the back of business cards, says brands are a place. “A place where something happens when somebody (not necessarily the customer) interacts with it: -By interacting with Gerber, she becomes a better-informed mom. -By interacting with The Wall Street Journal, she becomes more tuned into […]

Danny G. All Up In My ‘Hood

Danny G., a copywriter called “insightful and irreverent” by Forbes Magazine, came to Chicago yesterday for an interview. He later treated this copywriter to a dinner at The Flying Chicken on N. Lincoln Avenue in Lakeview. Danny G. has gained some notoriety recently for editorials he publishes on Talent Zoo, the Atlanta-based headhunting and media […]

Working Around The System

Engadget points to this hack, whereby one’s iPod can be made to record high quality audio–something Apple does not want you to do. The hacker says, “I suspect the next version of the iPod won

The Copy Of Poetics

Richard at Soft Skull Press is sending me a copy of Look Slimmer Instantly!, a book of poems by Jerome Sala, a former copywriter/creative director. Here’s an advance peek… Variations On A Theme By Charles Barkeley by Jerome Sala A poet is not a role model. So this poem won

Proper Merchandising Is The Ultimate In Product Placement

from The Telegraph: Enter Karl McKeever, one of Britain’s leading visual merchandising consultants. His job is to advise stores on how they can maximise sales by fiddling with the shelves, tweaking the lights and chucking out the clutter. Over the past decade, he has worked with Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and dozens of other big […]

C-Spam Meets Its Match

Six Apart, the company that makes Moveable Type, has been making news of late. They purchased Live Journal for an undisclosed sum. Then I noticed Rick Bruner’s pointer to this valuable treatise, available from Six Apart. Six Apart Guide to Comment Spam This document describes how malicious or unwanted comments (‘comment spam’) affect weblogs, the […]

Industry Analyst Pooh Poohs Beer

USA TODAY reports that beer, the most popular alcoholic beverage in the United States, has an image crisis. While it is still the nation’s favorite alcoholic beverage, it continues to lose ground to wine and spirits. Beer Marketer’s Insights, a trade publication, estimates beer accounted for 59.5% of the alcohol market in its peak year, […]