Today In Twitterverse: United Nations of Micromessaging

By monitoring billions of conversations happening on blogs, social sites and forums Sysomos “brings business intelligence to social media.” At the moment, the company is offering a closer look at Twitter users. Sysomos discovered in the midst of their research that almost no one is using the geo-location API tool that Twitter launched last August. […]

Where The Free Gum Goes

Paul Ramirez a.k.a. @pablorazzi on Twitter is a photographer and gadget geek in Phoenix, AZ. He’s also an entrant in Dentyne’s latest promotion on Twitter. I know this because I searched the hashtag #emptycupholder and found his contest entry (see photo) along with many others. The way the contest works is consumers snap a photo […]

Fuel Industries Proactively Organizes CES Data

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a big time trade show with thousands of attendees from all over the world. Which makes it tricky to keep up with. That’s why Fuel Industries in Ottawa, Ontario invented TweetYouThere. Nick Iannitti of Fuel describes it as a simple social media tool to measure which brands, […]

Keep Your Tweetstream Clean

Nat Ives of Ad Age reports that large media companies are looking at ways to make money from the work they’ve done building an audience on social sites like Twitter. Companies are considering the paid Tweet route, but are on the fence about the idea. In the meantime… The New York Times Online has started […]

In Real Time, 50 Years Ago

Here’s an interesting promo effort for the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. You can follow JFK’s 1960 Presidential campaign on Twitter, as it’s being updated in real time from events occurring exactly 50 years ago.

Brands Have Been Broadcasting For Generations, Now They’re Starting To Listen

Did you happen to mention to @tridentlayers how you feel about the brand’s new gum? No? Where you been? The brand-aware on Twitter did, and some of their whimsical bursts are now being placed by the brand in front of a much larger audience care of a full page ad in today’s USA TODAY. According […]

Get Off of My Cloud, Klout

It’s Thanksgiving morning and I’m grateful for so many things. But not this, I’m not grateful to be “losing influence” on Twitter. Check out this email I found waiting for me this morning from Klout, a firm that purports to weigh one’s influence on the social Web. Dear davidburn, Did you know you are losing […]

Gary V. and LinkedIn Work Together To “Crush It”

Wine merchant, author and social media impresario, Gary Vaynerchuk, is teaming with LinkedIn to promote his new book, Crush It and LinkedIn’s recent move to get on board with Twitter. Here’s my Tweet (that will hopefully score me a free book, unless 200 people beat me to the punch):