Want to Navigate The Digital Wilds? Find A Trusty Guide Service.

Shar VanBoskirk, an analyst for Forrester, spent some time in Denver this week with a group of marketing exces that work for Kaiser Permanente, Genesco Retail, Radio Shack, Jones Apparel, and Adidas America. Her big takeaway: That one of the greatest challenges for interactive marketers today is getting support and cooperation from their traditional brand […]

Krop And Advance (Your Career)

At the start of this century, recruiters and CDs in general market advertising agencies would not look at an online portfolio. Fuhgetaboutit. The talent scouts wanted to “pass the work around the office,” I was told more than once. Today, things are much different. Now you have to have an online portfolio, although the mini-book […]

Audience Participation Time

AdPulp will be five years old next week. In blog time, that’s aged. We may be old, but we don’t dally. At the time of this writing there are 7137 entries in our database, not all of which were written by me. I’ve only written 6016 of them, thanks to the kind and expert help […]

Brains In Front of the Firecam

The crew at Brains on Fire reveal themselves:

When You Want To Be Noticed, Email Is Insufficient

Armando Bellmas, a photog in Charlotte, NC, works hard to impress art buyers and art directors at Queen City ad agencies to hire him. That means emails, lunches, Tweets and whatever else he can think of. Here’s something he thought of–a postcard campaign starring himself and the agencies in his sights (literally). What I liked […]

Scattered Pictures Of The Smiles We Left Behind

Jon Fine of BuinessWeek argues that growth of “below the line” activity means marketers don’t need their media partners like they once did. When it comes to advertising, marketer and media property were once partners. But that relationship, like so much else in this space these days, has gotten quite complicated. Fine also shares a […]

Headline Writing Exercize: Tim’s Cascade Style Unsalted Chips

Editor’s note: Recently we embarked on a spec ad experiment for Tim’s Cascade Style Potato Chips. I supplied some copy, but so did several readers. You might say we’re crowdsourcing the copy. Whatever you call it, I’d like to continue and see if we can build a campaign together. So here’s the next installment–jump in […]

North Uses Manual Business Cards For The Win

I recently dropped in on North, the Portland agency formerly known as Johnson Sheen. Austin Ramsland and Rebecca Armstrong were kind enough to pour me a Deschutes and show me around their renovated space in industrial NW. Mid-tour we stepped into the mailroom and I noticed the open boxes of business cards sitting there. Austin […]