The AdPulp Survey: What’s On Your Mind?

I’m excited to introduce a custom-built survey with you, dear reader, in mind.
We’ve used Polldaddy in the past to ask some very basic questions, and that’s been fun and somewhat revealing, but this new survey from Portland’s FUSE deploys the firm’s Intelligent Dialogue technology, which mimics a brief in-person conversation. The dialogue adapts depending on how you answer each of the following questions.

FUSE’s Smart Surveys can be deployed in email, direct mail, telemarketing campaigns, on a Web site, or via smartphone and completion rates for FUSE’s dialogs are two to three times higher than for traditional static forms.
Hat tip to Jeff Hardison and Joe Saylor at Portland high tech B2B agency, McClenahan Bruer, for bringing FUSE to our attention and providing AdPulp a free trial in return for feedback on the product.



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