Movin’ On Up

The mainstream media is having trouble adjusting to the new info-rich economy, or so we’re told. Yet, one notable player seems to be well above the fray. According to New York Times, Privately-owned Hearst Corporation paid for their resplendent new headquarters at Eighth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan with $500 million in cash. It […]

Gore Promotes Movie on MySpace

Gotta love Al Gore for using the fruits of his own invention to promote his own movie. His invention of course is what we have come to call The Internet and his documentary is “An Inconvenient Truth.” I believe it has something to do with Ewoks. From OnlineMediaDaily: MySpace’s campaign for “An Inconvenient Truth” includes […]

Brands In A Blur

Influx Insights ponders the nature of brand churn today. Is the rapidly increasing pace of information forcing us to cycle through brands and media faster? It’s hard to say exactly, but there are a couple of research studies suggesting this might be the case. First media consumption. has done some great research into the […]

The Line Between Editorial And Advertising Grows Blurrier Yet

Rance Crain, publisher of Ad Age and a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, listened to the new dean of the school, John Lavine, address the challenges facing media professionals today. Here’s a bit of what he heard: “The challenge will be to engage increasingly elusive audiences who, in real time, rapidly form […]

Return Of The Zinesters

According to an article in the Sunday Style section of today’s New York Times, there’s a new, decidedly more commercial, kind of ‘zine on the rack. Though there is no official body that tracks the number of small-circulation glossy magazines with obscure sensibilities and arresting design like Lemon, those who pay attention to these niche […]

Attribute. It’s Not Hard.

There seems to be some sort of attribution problem in the culture today. A Harvard student just had her first book yanked by her embarassed publisher. And Raytheon CEO William Swanson just stopped distributing his popular booklet Swanson’s Unwritten Rules of Management, after accusations of word for word lifting from an earlier text.. The booklet […]

Me Oh My

The 1980s were known as the Me Decade thanks to Wall Street greed going mainstream. According to this New York Times piece, the tens might become known as the My Decade, if Madison Avenue has anything to say about it. My, my, my. Madison Avenue has become obsessed with using the word “my” — along […]

How Big Will The Online Ad Biz Get?

MarketingVOX reports on some exciting speculation from this week’s Ad:Tech San Francisco. In his keynote address, Sequoia Capital Partner Mark Kvamme predicted that internet advertising would be a $35 billion market in 2008, nearly double the $18 billion predicted by the Internet Advertising Bureau, writes ClickZ’s Rebecca Lieb. At the heart of his prediction is […]