Design The Best Experience, Win Hearts And Minds

Irish journalist Trevor Butterworth writing for Forbes makes a salient point about Facebook’s poor design, and how it endangers the long-term viability of the site. If you’re actually busy, maintaining the site is simply too much work. Anything that can deliver the useful essence of Facebook without the effort has a distinct advantage; the problem […]

Jimmy John’s Takes Sub Dump On Dude’s Lawn, Shares It For Everyone To See

It seems to me that Jimmy John’s–more so than other sub chains–has their Social Media Marketing game face on. The brand is on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook and they have a frequently updated blog called FreakFast, where they’re busy directly engaging with fans via “Picture of the Day” uploads and other means. Clearly, Social Media […]

Red Bull Points Facebook Fans In The Right Direction

When you first land on Red Bull’s Facebook page, this is what you see: Naturally, Facebook’s “Like” button is at the top of all these arrows. My guess is most people do what I did and click “Like.” Note: after you “Like” this page and become a “fan” of Red Bull, you don’t see this […]

FB, The Ubiquitous Utility

I’m appearing on Bob Knorpp’s weekly radio show, The BeanCast, tonight along with Bill Green, Åsk Wäppling and George Parker. We will be talking about Facebook, among other things. It’s a topic that can not be avoided today. Even The New York Times can’t leave it alone. Yesterday in “Week in Review” the paper framed […]

Upcoming Attractions: The Social Network

The Social Network is a new feature film from screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and director David Fincher. It’s due in theaters in October. The music bed in this trailer is Radiohead’s “Creep,” which helps bring home some of the drama I expect to see in this film. What drama? I think going from a Harvard student […]

Weird But True: Organic Produce Brand Plants In Virtual Soil

In breaking in-game advertising news, Cascadian Farm, which started selling organic crops grown in the Upper Skagit Valley in Washington State nearly 40 years ago, has teamed with FarmVille, the incredibly popular virtual farming game inside of Facebook. According to The New York Times: FarmVille will, for the first time, offer its pretend farmers a […]

Tillamook Encourages Fans/Customers To Talk About Ice Cream

Steve Strauss, writing in American Express’ OPEN Forum, notes that Tillamook Ice Cream leveraged Facebook to create the brand’s new TV advertising. The Oregon dairy asked their Facebook fans what they thought of when they took their first bite of Tillamook Ice Cream. People posted some great stories, so much so that the dairy decided […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Liking What Your Friends Like (That’s Why You’re Friends)

According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook is aggressively pitching their social-context ads to big advertisers like Ford Motor Co. The ads appear on the right side of a user’s homepage, with an image and headline from the advertiser. You can also see if your friends like the ad or the company that paid to […]