adidas Wants You To Pick A Superhero And Play The Game

The Quest, a multi-platform campaign created by adidas and 180 Amsterdam/RIOT invites football fans to engage, interact and converse with other fans from all over the world during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the world’s biggest sporting event. The adidas World Cup trailer leads to the brand’s Facebook page where 32 players, one for each […]

Zuck Sweats It Out At, Reveals Facebook’s Ultimate Agenda

Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg drove Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to shed his patented hoodie on stage at the Wall Street Journal’s D8 conference last week. Apparently all the questions about privacy, or lack thereof, made the young executive sweat in what journalists are now calling his Nixon moment. So now we know […]

When Will Advertisers “Like” Facebook?

According to Reuters, Facebook is the No. 1 website in the United States by page views, but it is a relatively small player in the online ad market. That fact must keep Zuck up at night. Here’s another one: Facebook’s revenue is somewhere in the half a billion range, whereas Yahoo earned $6.5 billion and […]

She Likes, He Likes

Levi’s really likes Facebook’s new “Like” button. In fact, the San Francisco denim king likes the new FB functionality so much, it decided to place “Like” buttons throughout its new online “Friends Store.” According to Clickz, Levi’s has placed a Like button next to every SKU in their “Friends Store” so you can tell yourself […]

Text-to-Like Small Businesses In Your ‘Hood

If Yelp, Google, Fousquare and Facebook all get their way, local business windows will be covered in window decals. According to Mashable, Facebook is sending out window decals with text-to-Like SMS instructions to select local businesses. Facebook is also gifting beta testers with $25 in ad credits to help drive home the utility of the […]

Facebook Spreads Its Social Wings

There’s a ton of news pouring out of Facebook’s F8 Conference in San Francisco today. I can only take so much of it in, but there is one story from Mashable that jumped out at me. Made possible by Facebook’s new Open Graph protocol, Pandora will be able to stream music directly on from […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Fan Pages For All

According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook will introduce its Open Graph API next month at a major developer conference in San Francisco. The API will help independent Web sites adopt elements of Facebook’s Fan pages. For instance, a visitor to one’s site could with one click become a “Fan”. By getting sites to adopt […]