Careful With That Lead TV, The Internet Is Coming For You

Despite claims from some ad pros that online advertising doesn’t work very well, there’s no end of it in sight. In fact, online advertising has a long ways to go before it even hits its stride. Yet, presently it has enough speed to fly by newspaper advertising with nary a look back. According to The […]

The World Cup Is Just What The Ad World Needs

Sluggish spending on all fronts has led to a global economic slowdown, or crisis, depending on one’s location and situation. Now, the world’s favorite sport is helping to turn the tide. According to BusinessWeek, the World Cup will add as much as $1.5 billion to advertising spending this year as Coca-Cola Co. and Nike Inc. […]

It’s Okay To Say “Humble” And “TV” In The Same Sentence Now

Eat at Joe’s in Redondo Beach paid Stretch Media $5000 to write, produce and help place the following TV spot. According to LA Times, Eat at Joe’s is one of many small business now able to afford TV, outdoor and digital advertising courtesy of the economic downturn. …hard times in advertising and media have led […]

If You Live In Southern California, You Owe UCLA

Faced with a massive budget shortfall in California, UCLA is responding with IOUCLA, an unprecedented public outreach campaign to mobilize all Californians — both Bruins and non-Bruins — to raise their voices and share first-person stories about how UCLA has positively impacted their lives. IOUCLA was developed to build public support during the critical budget […]

Not All There

Communispace and Ogilvy/Chicago conducted a joint study entitled “Eyes Wide Open Wallet Half Shut” on the post-recession consumer. Here’s a teaser: As the industry continues to make sense of the effects the recession has and will have on Americans, brands and marketers must tap into the newly emerging consumer mindset in order to remain relevant […]

Cocksure CEO Sees No End In Sight For His Firm’s Prosperity And Global Reach

Nike Chief Executive Officer Mark Parker told investors in New York yesterday to expect outlandish return in the years to come. “Nike has unlimited opportunities and limited resources,” Parker, 54, said. “Our job is to be surgical and aggressive with these resources.” Parker said Nike will grow annual revenue to $27 billion in 2015–that’s a […]

“Spending Your Way To Happiness” Is An Outdated Concept – What Are Advertisers To Do?

According to Forbes, the spot above from Brizo is part of a wave of new commercials meant to help marketers and consumers shake off the gloom of tough economic times. While some economists aren’t sure the tough times are history, advertisers don’t seem to care. Companies are rolling out carefree ads that use humor, colorful […]

Matt Mason On Competing With Pirates And Other Matters

Matt Mason, is Strategy Director at Syrup and author of The Pirate’s Dilemma. I like how he says business books are big business cards. That’s sort of how I feel about AdPulp.