The Change Agent’s Change Agent: Barney Kilgore

“The easiest thing in the world for a reader to do is to stop reading.” -Barney Kilgore Barney Kilgore was a newspaperman from Indiana who took The Wall Street Journal to heights unimagined before his arrival at the paper in 1941. For instance, when Kilgore joined the WSJ the circulation was a paltry 33,000. Under […]

Free Idea for Irene Rosenfeld

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a contribution from a veteran food marketer who prefers to remain anonymous. Looking for a line extension or a new niche business? Oceanspray is abandoning their Cran-Fruit product, both the cran-orange and the cran-raspberry. This is a great shelf stable product packaged in 12-ounce plastic containers with a paperboard over-wrap and […]

Born To The Corn

Shawn and I are both from Nebraska, so we’ve always taken a special interest in one Mr. Evan Williams, a.k.a. Boss Tweet. Williams grew up on a corn and soybeans farm in Nebraska. Which of course is great training for Internet entrepreneurdom. Both professions demand that you work all the time. Here’s how he describes […]

Self-Realization In Tough Times

Serial entrepreneur, Jason Calacanis, is a character I’d like to have lunch with. He talks straight and straight talk is what we need more of in this politically correct, “we’re all winners” culture. Writing about the entrepreneur’s innate fortitude in BusinessWeek, he says: You see, there are two types of entrepreneurs in this world: real […]

News And Paper Need A Separation

The negative news about newspapers is deafening. The Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, San Jose Mercury News, and now the San Francisco Chronicle are all battling for their very existence. Some might make it, others might not. Everyday this drama plays out, side by side with the dramas in our financial […]

Palo Alto, We’ve Got A Problem

Randall Rothenberg’s book, Where the Suckers Moon was instrumental for me at the beginning of my ad career, probably because the book’s release (October 25, 1994) and my interest in the business coincided. Today, Rothenberg is President of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). As such, he’s concerned with the lack of creativity in Interactive media. […]

My Self-Selection: Writer, Editor and Entrepreneur

Melissa Sconyers wrote a meditation on what it means to be an entrepreneur. Here are some highlights: What makes an entrepreneur different is that he assumes risk. He puts his money, his time, his success, and himself on the line for what he’s doing. I was an entrepreneur in the past. Being a young entrepreneur […]

California, Prophet On A Burning Shore

“Seems so long I felt this way and time sure passin slow My time coming, anyday, don’t worry about me, no ” – John Perry Barlow Mark Morford is a columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle. In his latest piece, he imagines a glorious “green in every way” future for the Golden State. Pot is, […]