Kind Beer, Perfect Package

I recently encountered two beers from Lyons, CO brewery Oskar Blues at Portland’s annual Holiday Ale festival. I liked the Pilsner but was totally impressed by OB’s Gordon Ale, which they describe as their “Velvet M-80.” A few days after the festival, I noticed on Twitter that our local store was carrying Oskar Blues in […]

P.S. The First Democratic Pronunciation of A Brand

In July, we took note of Pepsi’s unusual willingness to accommodate Argentine soda drinkers. Now, Creative Social and Digital Buzz Blog point to this video case study. Pecsi Case from BBDO argentina on Vimeo.

Whatever You Do, Crush It

ABC Radio’s Dan Patterson asked Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibraryTV some questions about Crush It, his first book in a ten-book deal. The radio interview provides a good overview on the book, which aims to provide a blueprint for others seeking Vaynerchuk-like success on the social Web. I read Crush It today in one sitting. It’s […]

John Byrne Focused on Content, Curation and Community

John Byrne, former editor of and Fast Company, is being swept out in Bloomberg’s takeover of the business title. Like many other media pros, Byrne isn’t looking for another old media structure to save his butt. He’s intent on building something new and hoping, like his fellow entrepreneurs, that he builds something to last. […]

McSweeney’s Is Celebrating Newsprint In A Big Way

San Francisco Panorama is an upcoming 300-plus-page, single-edition newspaper from McSweeney’s, the indie publishing house founded by author Dave Eggers. Six months in the making by McSweeney’s staff based in San Francisco’s Mission District, the Panorama will comprise a main news section including investigative reports, arts and sports sections, a magazine, a book review section, […]

Online Advertising Does Work When It’s Properly Managed, Analyzed and Optimized

Frank Addante, CEO and Co-Founder of Rubicon Project wants to “keep the Internet free and fuel its growth.” His team plans to do this by helping publishers make money from under-utilized online ad space. Addante describes Advertising 1.0 as relying on content as a proxy for advertisers to reach an audience. He says Advertising 2.0 […]

Stream With Me

My jaw is on the ground. Social media scholar, Danah Boyd, spoke at Web2.0 Expo in New York yesterday and now her talk is available in “print” on her site. Here’s one bite of that nourishing feast: Consider what it means to be “in flow” in an information landscape defined by networked media and you […]

Going Deep, Digitally

Ed Cotton likes the contrary thinking found in Jonathan Harris’ new piece, “World Building in a Crazy World”. I do too. Very much. Here’s what Cotton says about the work: Harris seems to be taking a giant knife to the current internet landscape and stabbing a hole in its heart; slamming the 140 character world […]