Make A Place For Product Development In Your Portfolio

We all know how clients can up and split. Well, the same is true for new and ambitious groups lodged within an old school New York agency. According to Ad Age, McCann Worldgroup is launching a tech unit called Split to create a new revenue stream for holding company Interpublic Group of Cos. Split is […]

Branding’s Not Dangerous, Provided It’s Not A Lie

The Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard wrote, “Concepts, like individuals, have their histories and are just as incapable of withstanding the ravages of time as are individuals.” Consultant and Friend of AdPulp, Tom Asacker, believes the concept of branding is one such construct that the winds and rain of modern communication are slowly wearing down. In […]

Marker Comps, Wherefore Art Thou?

“If you express yourself on the internet, what you say will be copied, mashed up, anonymized, analyzed, and turned into bricks in someone else’s fortress to support an advertising scheme,” says Jaron Lanier, author and a pioneer in the development of virtual reality. In his new book, You Are Not A Gadget, Lanier argues for […]

Moments With Mau

Designer Bruce Mau has a site one can spend quality time on–as it should be. I found this compilation of TV interviews there and much more. His “Incomplete Manifesto For Growth” (found on his site) is a wonderful document. Here’s but one Mauian prescription: 40. Avoid fields. Jump fences. Disciplinary boundaries and regulatory regimes are […]

Google’s Dialing Apple’s Number

Introduced yesterday, the much awaited Google phone, known as Nexus One is now available directly from the search giant’s site. It’s $179 with a two-year data plan from T-Mobile or $529 unlocked. According to The New York Times, Google is “dipping its toes in the direct retailing business not to reap profits from the sale […]

Where Are Your Passions Leading?

Cartoonist, author and blogger Hugh MacLeod is selling South African Wine in West Texas. Why? Because that’s what passionistas do. MacLeod also believes it’s a good idea to have an “evil plan.” Soo­ner or later you’re going to have to explain to your friends and family EXACTLY why you deci­ded to quit your sta­ble 401K […]

Who Are You?

People have flaws, but sometimes flaws are beautiful. That’s the message Tara Hunt is putting out. We love people who represent the ideal, the perfect, the imperfectly perfect, the happy, the successful, the amazing, positive, go-for-it, wa-hoo in life. And I’m not saying those people don’t exist. They just don’t exist as much as we […]

Chaotic Action Is The New Marketing Imperative

Tom Asacker reminds us that Peter Drucker wrote, “The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” Asacker adds to Drucker’s bass line, “the purpose of marketing is to create and keep customers while making selling superfluous.” Great stuff, but how does a brand actually go about “making selling superfluous?” Asacker has an answer: Be […]