Models Eat Up—Anorexia Is Off The Shelf

Following the fashion industry’s inner turmoil over the use of wafer-thin models, a major packaged goods company is now calling for heftier models in its advertising. According to The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.), Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch consumer-products company is joining the global fight against eating disorders. “Unilever has adopted a new global guideline […]

Finding Purpose Harder Than Finding Money

Last December Jennifer Rice probed the depths and asked the kind of pertinent questions one asks on a long hike, or fireside with a particularly good pinot noir. One thing I haven’t thought about until recently is whether I could make a difference in my own profession. Seems a bit odd in hindsight, but I’ve […]

McCracken Soaks It Up In Mexico

Ethnographer and brand consultant Grant McCracken is in Mexico trying to “save marketing” by asking more of research. I am here to advance my clients interests not by finding a hot button, but looking for a match between all of the cultural complexities of the consumers’ life and all the things the brand and the […]

Incubator 2.0

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled engineers yearning to code.” –Naval Ravikant Om Malik looks at HitForge, a new San Francisco-based outfit with a unique twist on the incubator model. HitForge is an entrepreneur cooperative composed of independent small teams, where people can apply with their ideas, join the team, and see their […]

Desperately Seeking Risk Tolerance, Rigor and Speed

Advertising Age’s Emily Tan asked some of digital’s top movers to identify the biggest trends and challenges that lie ahead for brands and those who would serve them. Shane Steele, director-emerging media and online advertising at Coca-Cola Co. offers a client’s perspective: “The ideal is to identify and test new platforms that offer a first-mover […]

The Human Processor

Seth Godin was recently afforded the privilege of seeing the uber geek in action. He noted it in his journal, like an ethologist in the field. I sat next to Cory at a conference today. It was like playing basketball next to Michael Jordan. Cory was looking at more than 30 screens a minute. He […]

Talk About Change Agents…

MIT Advertising Lab introduces us to IDEO, and reinforces the idea that a product design company can positively impact a brand’s advertising. IDEO describes the work that led to Bank of America’s popular “Keep the Change” promotion/incentive program. Facing the challenge of enticing people into opening new accounts, Bank of America came to IDEO in […]

Feed Them On Your Dreams

I’m partial to brands with an intriguing story–even more so, when the CEO embodies that story and shares it successfully. Nancy Traversy of Barefoot Books is one such CEO. She says imagination is more important that information. I like that kind of thinking.