We’re Only Six Thousand Five Hundred Days In

This video below is better after you stretch your mind a bit.
So here’s some poetry.

Poetry Is a Destructive Force
by Wallace Stevens
That’s what misery is,
Nothing to have at heart.
It is to have or nothing.
It is a thing to have,
A lion, an ox in his breast,
To feel it breathing there.
Corazon, stout dog,
Young ox, bow-legged bear,
He tastes its blood, not spit.
He is like a man
In the body of a violent beast.
Its muscles are his own . . .
The lion sleeps in the sun.
Its nose is on its paws.
It can kill a man.

Okay, now we’re ready…

About half way in, Kelly says, “What will the next 6500 days bring us? It’s not going to be the web only better. We thought the first version was going to be TV only better. This is not the web only better. This is going to be as different from the web as the web was from TV. It’s not Web 2.0 in a certain sense. It will go beyond that to be something that doesn’t even resemble the Web.”
[Kevin Kelly via Random Culture]



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