Journalism’s Church And State Division Is No Longer Relevant, But Telling The Truth Is

Micheal Arrington of Tech Crunch has a way of getting under journalists’ skin. He did so again last week when he announced he was stepping down as Editor of the site he founded in 2005 to focus on Crunch Fund, a new venture capital fund that will work with some of the companies that get […]

$10 Per Thousand Page Views Isn’t The Point, The Transaction Is, Because Any Monetary Exchange Changes The Score

One of my primary professional goals since my late 20s has been to get paid for my writing. Of course, we know how that worked out. I found advertising and we’ve made discordant and sometimes beautiful music together ever since. Another goal that I’ve been focused on more recently is my desire to pay writers. […]

Eyeballs Aplenty, But Where’s the Revenue?

What’s up with Yahoo? The media company has mad uniques–178 million in June, according to comScore–and the Web’s pole position in news, sports, finance, entertainment news, real estate and comparison shopping sites, yet Yahoo’s market capitalization is little changed from 2003. Randall Stross, professor of business at San Jose State University, writing in The New […]

A Feast For Untired Eyes

I keep wanting to click on more and more pages of Flavorwire, the blog by Flavorpill, “a network of culturally connected people.” Because the site points to a multitude of visual oddities and things that make one wonder. Like “Masks for the Modern Tribe” by artist Jud Wimhurst. The contemporary masks he envisions are adorned […]

The Big Engines That Could

BlogWell features eight great case studies on the best social media programs at large corporations. No agencies, no startups — just big companies sharing what they’ve learned. On the afternoon of August 9th, BlogWell will be at the Future of Flight Aviation Center in Mukilteo, Washington, just north of Seattle. The conference moves from city […]

Borrowing, By Definition, Means Giving Back

All’s fair in love and aggregation. Uh, not exactly. Recently, Ad Age writer Simon Dumenco cried foul when he was over-aggregated by a HuffPo “writer,” who has since been dismissed. Reflecting on the scene, Lewis DVorkin, Chief Product Officer of Forbes Media, offers a good explanation for value-added aggregation. …the trick to rewarding aggregation for […]

Whatever You’re Selling, Content Marketing Can Help Make The Case

Content marketing gets a lot of play in these pages. So much play, you’ve probably heard me use these words before: Every Company Is A Media Company. Sometimes the formula is expressed like this: EC=MC. There’s a lot of meaning packed into that little formula–in fact, we could discuss said meaning for hours, preferably over […]

Muzzles Required In Boulder And Miami

The agency that craves press coverage, doesn’t allow its staff to comment on industry sites. According to Ad Age, Crispin Porter & Bogusky has banned agency staff from engaging in dialogue on sites — whether it’s positive or negative. “We tell everyone do not comment on another agency’s work,” Rob Reilly, worldwide chief creative officer […]