I Do This For You: Find And Polish The Nuggets In My Inbox

I know it’s a lot to ask, but will you share in the pain that is my inbox with me for a minute? Here’s a random sample of press releases from this week: Latin Sensation Patty Manterola and Estrella TV Announce New Daytime Talk Show, “Patty” Study: Online videos are trending more offensive, sexual, pervasive […]

Macy’s Asks the Pros for Help With Its Blog

Macy’s is reaching out to popular bloggers at Fashionista.com and FoodRepublic.com to help fill the pages of MBlog, its owned media channel for “news, reviews, magic and more.” According to Marketing Daily, the department store chain is turning to blogging partners for how-to videos, trend-spotting, user and expert reviews, and original posts. Macy’s will devote […]

Does News Come To You, Or Do You Go Find It?

Are you a Tumblr? According to Fortune, Tumblr has gone from 2 billion pageviews a month to over 13 billion and from 1 billion total posts to more than 10 billion in the past year. In September, Tumblr also announced an $85 million dollar round of financing. So someone’s a Tumblr. Mark Coatney is Media […]

Here You Go Busy Blogger Man, Another Article For Your Site

FreeShipping.org is the largest resource on the Internet linking shoppers to free-shipping deals offered by more than 4,000 online merchants. The company is also a content marketer. They keep up an active blog on frugal living, and they send out complete articles for editors like me to post. Here’s how their latest offering begins: Return […]

Paid Content In 2012 And Beyond

Geekend Roadshow is coming to DMA2011 in Boston next week. DMA is “the global event for real-time marketers,” and Geekend is DMA’s hot young date. It’s also the Savannah-based conference that my friend and former colleague, Sloane Kelley, is co-producing (and my former employer, BFG Communciations, is sponsoring). I’m traveling to Boston to speak on […]

Chasing News, Chasing Dollars

Business Insider was just given $7 million dollars from venture capitalists and a hard time by Felix Salmon of Reuters. Salmon is a financial journalist, and his nose is out of joint because he feels Business Insider is lifting a bit too much from AP and other sources. When media companies are asked to grow […]

Brands Want Some of the Sway Fashion Bloggers Have With Their Readers

Why am I an ad blogger, when I could be something exciting and lucrative like a mommy blogger or a fashion blogger? Or hell, a blogger writing about investing or search engine optimization. Something that sells! Adweek’s Erin Griffith looks at fashion bloggers who sell. There was a moment after New York’s 2009 Fall Fashion […]

Four Steps To Online Fascination…

Five Stories That Will Charm The Pants Off Your Audience… Six Ways To Impress Your Boss And Get The Raise You Deserve… Seven Things Your LinkedIn Profile Must Reveal… Eight Weeks To A New Career In Advertising… How-to articles and videos are everywhere online. They’re everywhere because people turn to the web for the information […]