A Few Good Creative Men

I’m not sure who put this together, but it cracks me up:

Motorola Shelves A Spot, Sort Of

Adweek takes a look at the agency/client tensions involved with bringing to life this Motorola spot, directed by French filmaker Michel Gondry. It was during editing that the creative differences became evident. While the agency wanted to keep Gondry’s vision intact, the client wanted to streamline it and take out some of the more fanciful […]

Tangerine Toad Teaches The Teachers

Our friend Tangerine Toad has kept his perch on The Toad Stool but has branched out to post on Marketing Profs Daily Fix, a site aimed at bringing together marketing professionals with college marketing and advertising professors. Toad’s first post is a perfect summary of his argument that Your Brand Is Not My FriendTM: Now […]

When Bad Ideas Happen To Good Agencies

I had an interesting conversation with the Design Director at my agency today. She said she thinks the whole Apple iPhone price cut and rebate/apology to-do was completely and totally planned in advance. Personally, I highly doubt it. I think Steve Jobs would’ve come off as a hero by announcing a rebate at the same […]

When You Watch Too Much CNN…

…you get commercials like this stuck in your head: So has anyone ever worked for/with The Ad Council? Is this the best we can do, pro-bono wise? Oh, and while we’re on the subject… When is “Cop Rock” going to come out on DVD?

Quite Possibly, The Worst Ad Ever. Or One Of The Worst.

We’ve all seen bad trade pub ads, but I think I’ve found the worst one ever. This one, for Matthews Cremation, which ran in the July issue of American Funeral Director magazine. (Yes, we had a copy in the agency today.) Click on the ad to see a larger version: But it’s not enough to […]

Is There A Work/Life Balance In Advertising?

Over at Talent Zoo, Whitney Friedrich, a young AE at DraftFCB, stirred things up by suggesting that new talent in the business, many times, lacks dedication: Wear your passion on your sleeve because it’s one of the only things that differentiates you. It’s not expected that you will have all the answers—or even that you’ll […]

Crossing The Line?

Manhattan Mini Storage is used to walking a fine line with controversy, but have their new ads in and around New York City crossed that line? (image source: WCBSTV.com)