That’s What Makes America Such A Great Country…

…the freedom to make ads like this… …without fear of being rounded up by the government for horrendous, horrendous taste. (Thanks to The Consumerist)

Is Apple Insulting People With Eating Disorders?

Over at The Huffington Post, Ashley Duque Kienze, a former bulimic, takes issue with the headline shown here: With the help of my family, my faith and my friends, I gave up the unhealthy behaviors of my eating disorder three years ago. Today, I write a blog about eating disorders and other issues related to […]

Is “Ad Land” The Definitive Advertising History Book?

I can’t recall ever seeing a book that specifically outlines the history of the advertising industry. But now we may have one: Ad Land: A Global History of Advertising by Mark Tungate. Mark Tungate is a British journalist based in Paris, and his book looks to be a great read. From the origins in the […]

Today’s History Lesson: Behind The Scenes of “1984”

You may have seen this before, but I haven’t: While lots of people take some responsibility for helping create this landmark spot, is anyone willing to claim responsibility for putting Rockwell in the soundtrack of this “making of” video?

Work Like You’re Showing Off! Exclamation Points Included

I have to admit, it’s a little hard to come home after a day of dealing with client nonsense and try to tackle a book called “Work Like You’re Showing Off! The Joy, Jazz and Kick of Being Better Tomorrow Than You Were Today.” Especially when there’s an exclamation point in the title and 2 […]

Dove Evolution vs. Fair And Lovely: Could You Create Both?

[UPDATE 7/5/07] If you came from the link on, welcome. I think this is simply a very interesting comparison of how one company, albeit a conglomerate, markets its products in different cultures and countries. Well, Dove Evolution won big at Cannes, as many predicted. From Adweek: “It’s a big idea, beautiful execution and a […]

Poetry Powerful Enough To Go Viral

Ernie Schenck is jazzed about JWT’s animated poetry project, featuring the work of former U.S. Poet Laureate, Billy Collins. It is mesmerizing work. According to a Fast Company feature from June 2006, the project grew out of Rosemarie Ryan’s and Ty Montague’s efforts to revitalize JWT and their desire to see creative for creative’s sake. […]

iPhone Mania Crosses Cultures…Or At Least NYC Boroughs

Here’s an interesting unofficial spot for the iPhone: It’s made by a production company called “The Consultants.” It’s certainly more representative of real life in New York City than the other “diversity” oriented ads I’ve seen. According to, this ad was the result of a Craigslist casting call. The casting call asked for “people […]