Left Brain, Meet Right Brain

Maurice Lévy gets more press than any ad man on the planet. And it’s mostly favorable. Fast Company’s Linda Tischler did manage to offer this criticism: Maurice Lévy confesses over cappuccino at a New York hotel, the only reason he got into the ad business was to chase skirt. Although, in his native France, that […]

Omnicom Struggling To Diversify

“Madison Avenue is afraid of the dark.” -Nat King Cole in 1954 According to Crain’s New York Business, Omnicom will spend $1.25 million over five years to fund a group of diversity experts. The mission of the Omnicom Diversity Development Advisory Committee is to identify and attract minority talent to its agencies, develop outreach programs […]

It’s Official, We’re In The Media Arts Business

By changing his title from chairman and chief creative officer to global director of media arts, TBWA’s Lee Clow is making a point about the future direction of the agency business. “The next few years, which I have described as the next ‘creative revolution,’ are going to be the most exciting the advertising business has […]

Lévy As Renaissance Man

Publicis Groupe CEO, Maurice Lévy, was asked by Vint Cerf, internet pioneer and chief evangelist at Google, to peer into the magic looking glass and describe the future of technology. The Guardian has his response. Five years is an eternity in technology, but from our vantage point a few things are clear about what the […]

Marin County Agency Makes A Funny

[Duncan/Channon spoof via The Bullshit Observer]

Want to Write a Novel? Just Do it.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nike founder and chairman Phil Knight has been attending English classes at Stanford. Knight graduated from Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1962 and has given over $100 million to the school since then. One of the tidbits in the article I found particularly interesting is the way […]

On Freelance…

Tangerine Toad recently posted a meditation on freelancing, how the practice has changed and what it all means for an industry in flux. Despite dropping day rates and a rapidly contracting pool of agencies to work for, the freelance road is still the career path of choice for many of the top talents in our […]

We’re A Sensitive Lot

This dude is so over it. I fucking hate it when people say, “That ad had a brilliant idea in it.” Penicillin was a good idea. Not Sony balls.