How Are You Adjusting?

From Ad Age: What if ordinary TV viewers went from watching commercials to creating them? We’re about to find out. Sony Electronics, Toyota Motor Sales USA and L’Oreal Paris have cut deals with Al Gore’s Current TV that will usher the beleaguered 30-second spot into the age of consumer-generated content and send shivers down the […]

Don’t Quote Me, But…

Rumor and innuendo are hardly the province of gossip rags, online or off. For instance, Chicago Sun Times advertising columnist, Lewis Lazare, loves to quote unnamed sources. He relies heavily on them for his piece on Marhsall Ross, appearing in the paper today. The search is on. After coming up empty in several recent big […]

All Cooks On Deck

Ad Age’s Small Agency Diary just got bigger. Joining Bart Cleveland, are Noelle Weaver and Marc Brownstein. Marc Brownstein, president of The Brownstein Group in Philadelphia explores the need for convergence in agency creative departments: How do we align the interactive creatives with the traditional (advertising) creatives, to collaborate on our clients’ work? It’s a […]

Bring Out The Book

From The New York Times: Though not all blogs may aspire to literary permanence, they can achieve it through the new Book-Smart software from Blurb, a publish-your-own-book service. The software, which is expected to be available free later this month at, features a “Slurper” tool that automatically downloads and reformats the contents of a […]

Now You Too Can Invest In Commercial Real Estate

From Houston Chronicle: LoopNet Inc., which operates a Web site listing commercial real-estate properties for sale or lease, plans to go public in an initial offering of stock worth as much as $86.2 million. As of Dec. 31, the San Francisco-based company’s online marketplace contained approximately 335,000 listings for more than $268 billion of property […]

Houston, We Have A Blog

Jay Rosen, journalism professor at NYU, with the help of his students, put together a great study, complete with a handy chart: The State of Blogging at America’s 100 Largest Newspapers. Their findings place The Houston Chronicle at the top of the newspapers that blog heap: 1. Houston Chronicle 2. Washington Post 3. USA Today […]

Yahoo Is Not A Cable Channel

Lloyd Braun, the former chairman of ABC Entertainment, and current head of Yahoo’s Media Group told The New York Times that Yahoo will focus on content acquired from other media companies or submitted by users. In other words, Yahoo understands the net is an entity unlike TV, one with it’s own value and unique programming […]

I’m Surprised Our Currency Doesn’t Carry Advertising

From USA TODAY: The new $10 — featuring shades of orange, yellow and red — will join colorized versions of the $20 bill and the $50 bill as the Bureau of Engraving and Printing attempts to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters and ever-more sophisticated copying machines. The Federal Reserve will begin shipping Thursday the […]